Unconventional ways to work out during your summer in Berkeley

It’s summertime, and we know that all you’re thinking about is how to obtain that sexy, beach body. (JK, we know you’re stressing about internships, trying to recover from the multiple hangovers you’ve had since school ended, etc.) We know that sometimes it’s hard to find time to exercise, especially if you’re still back in Berkeley for summer school, an internship or just to hang out. Fortunately, we’ve found some perfect, convenient ways for you to get your body werkin’:

Move furniture from Southside to Northside


Those “Free & For Sale” purchases aren’t going to get to your new apartment by themselves! Plus, you’ll definitely be working up a sweat with that trek up the hill to Northside.

Exercise with Space Cadet Billy 


If you’ve ever been on Sproul or if you saw the production of Hamlet by our very own Space Cadet Billy, you know that that man can MOVE. Learn some new moves from Billy, and get kinetic!

Purposely leave for class later than you usually do.


This way, instead of casually strolling to class, you’re forced to run frantically to make sure you’re on time while simultaneously burning all of those extra CREAM calories you’ve been consuming since summer started!

Twerk around campus.


What better way to exercise than to turn UC Berkeley into what it should be – UC Twerkeley.

Run to the RSF.


And once you get there, don’t exercise — just get a free massage!

Spend an hour running around and navigating your way around the construction to figure out how to get to the Student Learning Center from Sproul.


Like seriously how the f*** do you get there?

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