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7 reasons not to stress about being single during the summer

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JUNE 11, 2014

Your Facebook news feed is clogged with relationship pictures at the beach, and all your friends are whipped, but being single has its perks too. Being alone does not mean being lonely, and there is definitely no need to spend every waking moment searching for someone to sweep you off your feet. Here are some reasons that being single isn’t so bad.

1. Nobody will judge you for flaunting the granny panties or tighty whities, especially after you’ve been in a bikini or swim trunks all day.  


It’s tiring dressing every day as if you were in a Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein runway show, so feel free to walk around your apartment in the most comfortable clothing you own — or nothing, if you prefer.

2. Random hookups


Summer flings, one night stands, late night booty calls, the occasional dalliance — the world is your oyster so embrace the single life and hook up with that beach hottie who was making eyes at you while you were tanning.

3. You’ll have more cash to treat yourself to whatever your heart desires.


Paying for two quickly adds up, so once your relationship status becomes “me, myself and I,” you’ll find your wallet bursting with extra money just waiting to be spent. Maybe it’s time to invest in that new watch that you’ve been eyeing.

4. It’s always your turn to pick the movie on movie night.


Always forced to watch a chick flick or action movie that makes you wish you were at your 8 a.m. instead? If you’re single, it’s always going to be your turn to pick the movie.

5. Messy room? Who cares.


After changing outfits five times a day from going to the beach to working out to going out, it’s hard to keep your clothes from piling up in your room. But without someone constantly seeing your bedroom, you can keep it as clean or as dirty as you would like.

6. You’re free to separate yourself from your phone to go surfing without any backlash.


You are free to enjoy the summer activities without constantly having to check your phone in fear of inadvertently causing a breakup. Friends understand if you don’t text back immediately; your other half, on the other hand, does not.

7. After a long, hot day, you get the whole bed to yourself and don’t have to fight to catch a breeze.


Ever been through the struggle of sharing a twin bed without any AC? It isn’t pleasant. Cherish the fact that you have the bed all to yourself. Snuggle buddies are a thing of the winter, not of the summer.


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JUNE 10, 2014

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