Unconventional ways to live off campus

Rob Lee/Creative Commons

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A lot of people struggle to find housing during the school year with everything else they are juggling. As of now, many of you may find yourselves stranded without a place to live for the fall.  Despite that frantic searching on Craigslist, this time of year may fail to yield any housing prospects and homelessness is probably beginning to look like your new future. But you might not need that typical college experience of a warm bed and a roof over your head after all! Here are some unconventional ways for students to manage without an apartment and save money along the way:

1. Squatting


The first option is building a fort in your friends’ apartments or couch-surfing through websites like Airbnb and Warm Showers. Remember when you leached those meal points off of your roommate when you ran out? This is the same idea. What are friends for?

2. Library lodging and gym showers


You can also sleep in the dark dungeon that is Moffitt and those with memberships can use the RSF or Hearst Gym for showers and locker storage. You don’t need a lease to tie you down with options like these!

3. Pitch a tent in the park


Claim your territory and enjoy living in the outdoors. Unzip your tent each morning to a glorious view of rabid squirrels and animal dung.

4. Get a caravan


A living space plus transportation will allow you to live on Northside when you have Monday classes at Etcheverry Hall or on the west side of campus to borrow those DVDs from the public library for a weekend binge-watching session as a substitute for actually reading.

5. House-sitting


Walk a homeowner’s dog and watch the house while he or she is away on vacation in return for room and board. Is this the perfect opportunity for studying or a house party? You decide.

6. The boat life


For those with the financial capacity, living on a boat in the Berkeley Marina is a definite possibility. Sun tan while you’re typing up that research proposal and finish up just in time to take the 51B to your econ class on campus! You can sail off to the most exotic of lands at a moment’s notice. Oh — and boat parties.

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