14 ways to be drought-tolerant

Kecko/Creative Commons

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Now that it’s summer, the hot weather has made living through California’s drought all the more difficult. The drought has become so severe that water is often served in restaurants only by request. Here are some solutions to survive the drought by making a few sustainable lifestyle changes:

1. Shower with a friend.


Having a bathing buddy will cut your water use in half!

2. Combine your laundry with your roommate’s.


What’s better than two piles of used, sweaty clothing? One pile of used, sweaty clothing!

3. Host a party where people bring their own mug.


You pour the drinks without the stress of cleaning the cups later.

4. Take fewer showers.


Lounge around in those sweatpants a few more days than usual.

5. Wait until you have a full load before you do your laundry.

full load

Don’t wash your clothes until you have a pile big enough to produce a pungent odor.

6. Reuse towels, clothes and dining utensils.


The Cal Dining Sustainability Team created Chews To Reuse containers and cups!

7. Drink tap from a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic bottle.


Join the Take Back the Tap campaign!

8. Air-dry your clothes.

air dry

Save money on dryer sheets and let the Bay breeze dry your clothes for free.

9. Turn off the sink while brushing your teeth.

brushing teeth

You don’t need that water fountain as a soundtrack to your dental hygiene.

10. Don’t use water while you’re soaping up.


This is the time to channel your inner Ferris Bueller: sing, make yourself a new ‘do.

11. Use a bucket to catch the cold water while you’re waiting for the shower to heat up.


Put this bucket of water over your door. Guaranteed fun times for you at the expense of your roommate.

12. Make Li Ka Shing your go-to bathroom.


Don’t settle for anything less than Li Ka Shing’s water-saving hand-sensor sinks.

13. Goodbye roses, hello California Poppies.


Roses are red, violets are blue, your boyfriend is green and he loves you too.

14. Try Meatless Mondays.


Go to Saturn or Herbivore, because eating meat is a huge water-guzzling no-no!

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