UC Berkeley’s summer study spots

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Finding down time may be hard while you’re consumed by summer school and internships. But you don’t have to ignore the summer because of your work. The Clog has compiled a list of some great outdoor areas to study or work so you can properly soak up that vitamin D and get your work done at the same time — it’s the best of both worlds.

1) Grinnell Natural Area


There are plenty of stumps for you to plop yourself down on at the Grinnell Natural Area. Located at the west edge of campus, the redwood, monterey pine and coast live oak trees provide an excellent cover from civilization. There are plenty of sunny spots to settle in, but if you find yourself sweltering from the heat, scooch a foot over and cool down in the shade. But be forewarned, the ever-present hungry squirrels may keep you distracted from doing your work.

2) Chancellor’s Esplanade


Struggling to find motivation to finish your assignment? Try doing it in front of Chancellor Dirks’ front yard! This green expanse has low foot traffic and Italian stone pine trees to help you relax and forget the world for a little while. Maybe you can even get the chancellor to help you with your homework.

3) Berkeley Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Surround yourself with dozens of colors and inhale the fresh scent of roses as you relax in the sun with a book. You can’t go wrong here with the magnificent view of the San Francisco Bay.

4) Wickson Natural Area


Home of the beautiful gingko tree, the Wickson Natural Area is a great place to camp out for a couple hours. Strawberry Creek provides great background music for your studies.

5) Strawberry Canyon Recreational Area

Strawnerry Canyon

If you’re seeking an area a little more social than the ones listed above, Strawberry Canyon is perfect for you. There are plenty of grassy areas to tan in, but if that doesn’t float your boat, grab a picnic table or take a dip in the pool instead. Beware of the shirtless or bikini-clad bodies, though.

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