6 places to learn how to cook

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Let’s face it: As soon as you move out of the residence halls and get an apartment, you’re going to end up cooking at least once. And just in case you didn’t listen to your mother when she told you to learn a thing or two from her, there are some places in the Bay Area that can help you out. We’ve listed out some of their pros and cons to help you better gauge your options.

1. Raw Bay Area ($95-$700)

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  • If you’re a vegan, it specializes in raw and vegan food and has a lot of recipes and information about where to buy ingredients and supplies.
  • They also offer personal consultations.


  • If you don’t have a car, it can take about 30 minutes to get there from campus.
  • If you’re not vegan, they don’t really cater to your needs

2. Kitchen on Fire ($65-$95)

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  • They offer an award-winning 12-week series on the basics.
  • The classes teach you more than just recipes — they teach you techniques and concepts you can apply to other recipes
  • They have a variety of courses, including a course dedicated to meals for diabetics.
  • Classes are taught by top chefs and professionals in the industry


  • The 12-week course costs almost $1000

3. Chef Joe’s Culinary Salon ($65-$125)

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  • They have individual classes and group classes, which are limited in size, so you get a lot of personal attention
  • Your payment includes taxes, food cost and the cost of the materials


  • It’s in San Francisco
  • Their classes are limited in their types of cuisine they teach you to make

4. First Class Cooking ($65-$75)

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  • Its small classes ensure personal attention.
  • They teach a variety of courses, including Brazilian recipes and seasonal and cultural recipes


  • It’s in San Francisco
  • Recipes taught may not be convenient for daily cooking

5. Young Urban Modern Chefs ($200-$525+)

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  • They teach recipes of foods that college students are more likely to eat — #pizza


  • It’s in San Francisco
  • Instead of having group classes for adults, they only have private classes or private cooking parties

6. Rosewater Cooking and Science ($95)

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  • It’s in Berkeley.
  • It has a variety of courses, including one solely on vegetables, sauces and condiments
  • It emphasizes nutrition and even offers nutrition consultations and lectures


  • Classes fill up quickly

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