Liberal sadly does not have the meaning it once had

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JUNE 16, 2014

To be liberal is a good thing. To be a Democrat in the year 2014 is a complete disgrace.

In 2014, the Democratic Party has become a neurotic mess that cannot seem to do anything right. Democrats cannot think and reason on their own, nor can they tolerate dissent in their own party. They have turned the USA into a surveillance state, have refused to protect our own borders from invasion, waste billions of dollars fighting pointless foreign wars, have turned an unproven theory of man made global warming into a mandatory new age religion, and have made driving up the cost of food and energy their primary political goals. Democrats seem to hate themselves and the human race and wish to starve us all out of existence in the name of being “green.” Democrats wish to make food too expensive to eat, cars too expensive to drive, and life too difficult to live.

Voting for any Democratic candidate in upcoming elections is a sign that you cannot think for yourself. A vote for any Democrat is now a vote for people who have gone completely insane in a totalitarian and very un-liberal way.



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JUNE 23, 2014