Picks of the Week: Comics, Clubs and Cybermen

BBC America/Courtesy

With summer in full effect, there are a ton of great activities, free film screenings, impromptu trips to San Francisco and much more to get out and do with your free time. Take some time out of summer internships or spending a million hours on Tumblr and check out a few of the cool things the Bay Area has to offer this week.

White Arrows @ the Rickshaw Stop, June 19

Psychedelic pop-rock band White Arrows have had a successful few years, going from relative obscurity to touring with acts like Santigold, The Neighbourhood and White Denim. So far they have released one album, but in May of this year they debuted a single off of their upcoming album, In Bardo.  White Arrows is playing at the Rickshaw Stop this Thursday as part of that tour.

Doctor Who/Wings 3D, June 16 & 17

David Tennant is the best Doctor of the revived “Doctor Who” series, hands down. His seriousness and commanding presence in the show, as well as on stage in “Hamlet,” have established him as one of the best actors of our generation. Tennant recently lent his voice to the BBC-produced documentary “Wings 3D,” and Fathom Events is hosting a two-night screening of the documentary, as well as two episodes from his tenure as the Tenth Doctor: “Rise of the Cybermen” and “The Age of Steel.”

“Sunshine and Superheroes: San Diego Comic-Con” @ the Oakland Museum of California, through May 31, 2015

The San Diego Comic-Con is an entertainment powerhouse: comics, TV shows, films, video games and so on are showcased for millions of nerds and fans to enjoy. In celebration of this week of film announcements, cosplay galore and comic book signings, the Oakland Museum of California near Lake Merritt is displaying a collection of vintage Comic-Con swag, presentations on different aspects of nerd culture and general geekiness all around.

“Nerd Nite: Geeky Lectures in a Rock Club” @ the Rickshaw Stop, June 18

As UC Berkeley students, we enjoy learning about the world around us, almost as much as we like to drink. Until the day comes when we can (openly) bring alcohol into class or discuss philosophy readings over a cold one in section, we’ll have to make do with Nerd Nite, a monthly lecture series in a bar. Stop by, get some drinks and listen to nerds talk about the universe, computers and stem cells.


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