PSA: 11th annual Berkeley World Music Festival is coming up

Berkeley World Music Festival /Courtesy

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Summer may have left us with a lack of free on-campus concerts to attend, but don’t worry — the 11th annual Berkeley World Music Festival is coming up June 22, and it’s exactly the kind of refreshing, stress-free event we need to beat the heat. According to its website, the festival promotes “cultural richness,” calling in vendors and performers that come from all kinds of backgrounds. It’s a great way to gain ethnic literacy and musical savvy while having a great time.

Because the festival promotes musical diversity, you’ll hear from a variety of music groups, from Pride & Joy to Ancient Future Trio to Big Lou, the “Accordion Princess.” And if that’s not diverse enough, there will also be a World Crafts Bazaar where you can shop for handmade crafts, find summer reading at the Berkeley Author Table and maybe even get a dance or hula hoop lesson. There will also be vendors selling food, so you can get your fix of Thai food or Texas barbecue as you roam around to look at African kalimbas & gourd rattles. 

While the main concert will be held at People’s Park alongside the World Crafts Bazaar, many artists will be performing around campus. Some performances will be held right on the sidewalks of Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way. And for those of us that want to enjoy music without dealing with the summer heat, there will also be performances in popular cafes and restaurants on Telegraph Avenue or Bancroft Way. The festival will run from noon to 9 p.m., so even if you can’t attend, make sure to drop by one of the listed locations for lunch or dinner. You can check out the full lists of artists and venues here.



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