10 dorm essentials for every UC Berkeley freshman

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Although UC Berkeley provides an official move-in list, we at the Clog want to recommend our own list of things that will make living in the dorms so much easier. Apart from the necessities such as your laptop, clothes and bedsheets, what else do you need to thrive in the dorms? Living on your own for the first time can be scary, and it’s hard to know what exactly you should bring for move-in, but the Daily Clog is here to save the day.

1. Cardboard boxes

Pack all your belongings in collapsible cardboard boxes that you can fold up and store at the back of your closet. When it’s time to move out at the end of the year, you can reuse them. Hopefully you didn’t accumulate too many belongings over the year and everything still fits!

2. Extension cord/power strip

You’re definitely going to need an extension cord that provides multiple outlets. Dorm rooms usually have two or three outlets, but they’re inconveniently located under the desk or bed. You want to be able to plug in your laptop and phone chargers somewhere easily accessible.

3. Ethernet cable

ethernet cable (1)

ResComp Wi-Fi, while adequate, isn’t exactly the fastest network when hundreds of students are connected. Dorm rooms have ethernet ports, but you need an ethernet cable or else you’ll be playing League of Legends on 500 ping. Don’t torture yourself — get a cable to beat the lag.

4. Desk lamp (not halogen)

desk lamp

Depending on which building you live in, some dorm rooms have lights on the walls instead of overhead lighting, so you need a small, bright desk lamp to save your eyes. Also, a personal lamp is less distracting if you’re up late studying and your roommate wants to sleep.

5. Tissues

You’ll probably want to buy these in bulk from Costco after you move-in, but tissues are useful for everything from stuffy noses to makeshift birthday-cake plates. Especially if you have allergies or if your nose is sensitive to cold breezes, having a stock of tissues on hand is invaluable.

6. Trash bags

Dorm rooms come with trash cans, but you’ll need to provide your own trash bags. Sometimes you can get them from the security monitor’s desk downstairs, but they’re usually out. It’s better to have your own stash of small trash bags so you can take out your trash whenever you want.

7. A fork

Yes, a fork. Malleable metal forks make amazing doorstops. Doors in the units tend to swing closed if left halfway open, which isn’t very conducive to conversation. The best part is that you don’t have to remove the fork when you close the door, unlike a normal doorstop. Leave your door open and invite your new floormates in! #opendoorsmakehappyfloors

8. Command hooks


These stress-free hooks are a great way to organize your room, especially when you have so little space to spare. They’re sturdy and reusable, but removable, and they don’t leave holes in paint. Put them on the back of your door or on your wall to hang jackets, hats, key lanyards or bags.

9. An umbrella


Berkeley weather is notoriously unpredictable, and a sunny sky can turn into overcast drizzle within minutes. If it rains while you’re moving in, at least you’ll have a small portable umbrella to keep some of the water off your handy cardboard boxes.

10. Printer and printer paper

Although the Academic Services Center and computer labs on campus provide printers, it’s always useful to have your own if you’re rushing to finish an essay at 3 a.m. Try coordinating with your roommate: for example, one person brings the printer and one person rents a microwave. Printers can be expensive, however, so we recommend browsing Free & For Sale, where used printers are sold cheaply by graduating alumni. Another less expensive alternative is the Samsung Wireless Monochrome printer or Brother Compact Laser printer.

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