Picks of the Week: From ‘Gorgeous’ to the Bangles

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“Gorgeous” at the Asian Art Museum

“What draws you in? What pushes you away?” asks the Asian Art Museum in regards to its latest exhibit “Gorgeous.” “Gorgeous,” which runs through September, presents the fine line between grit and beauty, blending painting, sculpture, photography and design in a stunning amalgamation. Stand-out works include a 16th-century Qur’an and a piece by Marcel Duchamp.


“Hamlet — A One Man Show” on June 26

A clown performing a tragedy?! In this creative and imaginative rendition of Shakespeare’s classic play “Hamlet” at the Berkeley City Club, only one actor graces the stage with his presence, playing a whopping 14 roles on his own. “To go or not to go” should not even be a question.


“Power to the Author” on June 27

Planning on writing a book in the near future? Why not learn a thing or two about effectively marketing your own e-book? “Power to the Author” is an informative lecture session at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco that will teach you how to edit, format and even publish your own book. Founder of Allistar Publishing, Brandon McBride, will be hosting!


The Bangles at Slim’s on June 28

In case your summer is lacking ’80s pop rock, head over to Slim’s in San Francisco to “Walk Like an Egyptian” with the Bangles. Whether you’ve always been obsessed with the timeless, all-female power trio or you just loved that one episode of “Gilmore Girls” they were featured in, the girls will undoubtedly play a gem of a show.


Addy Bhasin is the assistant arts editor. Contact her at [email protected].