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7 must-try desserts in Berkeley

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JUNE 27, 2014

Berkeley is a city full of unique cuisines and amazing flavors on every block. Whether you’re searching for new ways to please your sweet tooth or looking for something to take your mind off the impending doom of midterms, here are seven desserts in Berkeley that every student must try.

1. Beignets from Angeline’s Lousiana Kitchen


You can travel all the way to New Orleans for perfectly soft beignets doused in powdered sugar, or you can visit Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen on Shattuck Avenue. Angeline’s is famous for authentic Cajun cuisine, and its desserts are no exception. These beignets are freshly made and served warm.

2. Irish mint from Yogurt Park 


Yogurt Park is a Berkeley staple that’s resisted newcomers like Yogurtland and Menchie’s — with good reason. Yogurt Park’s yogurt is so thick and creamy that you’d swear you’re eating ice cream, and its portions are more than generous. We also recommend red velvet, pumpkin pie and cookies and cream. For those who want to take their yogurt to the next level, try adding its homemade cookie dough or brownie bits.

3. Mochimisu from Koja Kitchen


Koja Kitchen, where Korean and Japanese cuisines come together, is famous for its rice burgers filled with delectably grilled meat. But its signature dessert — a fusion of mochi and tiramisu — is just as delicious. It is a pillowy tiramisu sprinkled with mochi bits, making the entire elegant cup a soft, creamy, chewy adventure.

4. Black sesame creme brulee from Joshu-ya

black sesame creme brulee

Joshu-ya is the quintessential fancy date restaurant for Berkeley students, and its freshly made sushi is complemented by amazing desserts. Our personal favorite is the black sesame creme brulee. A twist on the classic vanilla creme brulee, Joshu-ya’s version is infused with ground black sesame seeds that give it a unique flavor. It’s a combination of Asian and French cuisines that gets two thumbs up from the Daily Clog.

5. Cinnamon roll with caramel frosting with blueberries and cookie dough from Cinnaholic 


We’ve written about Cinnaholic before, but it’s so good that it deserves another mention. Cinnaholic is a vegan cinnamon roll store on Oxford Street that offers a mind-blowing array of icing and topping combinations to satisfy your every craving.

6. Earl Grey ice cream from Ici Ice Cream 


No article about Berkeley desserts is complete without Ici. It’s the perfect chance to take your date on a romantic stroll and to widen your palate. Ici’s amazing range of ice cream flavors, from basil to pink peppercorn-sour cherry, makes every visit a new experience. Also, its hand-rolled waffle cones have a dollop of chocolate in the bottom, making them leak-free as well as doubly delicious.

7. Brown sugar with cinnamon shortbread from Smitten


Located a few blocks farther than Ici down College Avenue, Smitten promises top quality ingredients paired with silky smooth texture. Smitten’s ice cream is especially unique because it’s made on the spot with liquid nitrogen, which freezes the ingredients at a lower temperature than traditional ice cream and results in smaller ice crystals for a smoother texture.

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JUNE 27, 2014

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