8 things you can substitute for meat in a burger

Panu Horsmalahti/Creative Commons

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Burgers are easy to make, and they’re great if you want to have a barbecue with your friends this summer. But if you don’t eat meat or you’re getting tired of eating the same old burger every time, here are some different foods you can use for your next burger that are just as tasty and probably healthier. Grab your leftover hamburger buns from your Fourth of July barbecue, and enjoy.

1. Tofu


Tofu is a lifesaver when it comes to being vegetarian and vegan, and the best thing about it is there are so many ways you can cook it. Whether it’s spicy, crispy or just a little fried, tofu is adaptable to your tastes and goes well with all types of sauces from ketchup to soy sauce.

2. Beans

bean burger

Kidney, black beans or chickpeas, there is so much you can do with beans. You can mash, cook them, bake or fry them, and then you can sandwich them between two slices of burger bun. Voila — a hearty and nutritious burger!

3. Bulgur


There are many different ways you can prepare this cereal for a burger. Compared to white rice, bulgur has more fiber and protein, and it is widely used in European and Indian cuisines.

4. Mushrooms


Fry them, bake them or just lightly cook them. Mushrooms are already well known in the veggie burger world. If you don’t like the mushrooms available in your supermarket, try the ready-made mushroom patties, like portobello mushroom patties.

5. Beetroot


Smash some beets together, and mold them into the shape of patties. You can add in some rice or oats for more substance and then cook them over a pan on medium-to-high heat. Your tastebuds will be pleasantly surprised.

6. Quinoa


This grain is taking the health world by storm. It’s light, filling and tastes great when paired with some tangy sauce and some bread. We recommend using honey mustard — its sweet and zesty flavor will be sure to make you forget about the fact that you’re not eating a meat-based burger.

7. Falafel


Adapt the traditional falafel wrap, and make it into a burger. Add some hummus, tahini or even mayonnaise and some leaves of lettuce. There you have it — a filling and tasty meal.

8. Tempeh


A form of fermented soy protein, tempeh is a strong rival to tofu. It is firm and perfect for a burger. Tempeh is a good source of protein and goes well with a range of condiments.

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