6 things that only happen during the summer at Berkeley

Wally Gobetz/Creative Commons

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The Berkeley summer population includes summer interns, people taking classes, foreign exchange students doing everything from studying abroad to taking on random retail jobs, worker bees and those just hanging around for a summer in Berkeley. For the most part, Berkeley doesn’t change much over the summer — there are still the same folks on Telegraph always making life a little more interesting, same great food culture and same beautiful campus. But there are some distinctive things about Berkeley in the summer that you will only find during this three-month period.

1. You suddenly can get seats in popular study spots.

fetal position

If you’re taking classes this summer, you definitely won’t be spending any of your precious study time prowling through stacks looking for one glorious open cubicle or table to spread out on. You’ll even be able to find tables at FSM that are actually inside FSM — until August, that is.

2. You become desperate without any Late Night available.

tater tots

Places such as Crossroads and Ramona’s are open over the summer, but the most important part of a UC Berkeley student’s life is gone for these three hard months. The biggest #firstworldproblem is our lack of Late Night in the summer. No 2 a.m. runs to get crispy, deep-fried tater tots or garlic fries is truly an issue for us.

3. You get used to Strawberry Canyon Pool being open.


Summer fun in the sun seems like it’ll never end when you’re sprawled out in the grass or enjoying a  recreational swim up at Strawberry, but the harsh reality is that this pool is closed for most of the academic school year. Be sure to take advantage of it if you’re here for the summer!

4. You become almost saddened by the lack of flyers being stuffed into your hands when you walk through Sproul.


You put on your sunglasses and grab your earphones, ready to take on the zoo that is Sproul Plaza. You walk past GBC and suddenly realize that you’ve been looking down so intensely in an attempt to avoid aggressive flyerers that you didn’t notice there were no flyerers to be seen. When you walk through our beautiful plaza, you almost miss the crowds of people aggressively asking you if you want to save 20 lives today.

5. You come to assume that everything closes before 5 p.m.


Unfortunately, most of the eateries on campus close around 3 p.m., and many of our favorite off-campus food joints close earlier in the summertime. Don’t worry though — just a couple more months until everything is back to normal, and you’ll be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

6. You’ve encountered a lot of Irish people 

st patrick 3

These Irish folks certainly work hard to play hard. You can catch a group of them at most every late-night social gathering in the city of Berkeley. If you hear their charming accents, be sure to talk to them — we’ll only have them around for a couple more months, and they’re sure to have some great stories.

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