Things Tim Howard could save: Berkeley edition

Claralyse Palmer /Staff

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Despite our recent loss and removal from the World Cup, Team USA has had a lot to be excited about this past week. In the game against Belgium, USA’s goalkeeper Tim Howard recorded the highest number of saves ever made in a World Cup game. Since his insane 16-save game on July 1, Tim Howard has taken both the real and virtual world by storm. Along with making headlines everywhere, #thingstimhowardcouldsave in hashtag and meme form has become a new hilarious way for Americans to attempt to express their love for America’s newest hero. The Internet has declared everything from the Titanic to Robin Thicke’s marriage as saveable by Tim Howard. Therefore, we at the Clog felt it was necessary to jump in on this great trend and determine some things Tim Howard could probably help us out with if he ever came to visit UC Berkeley.

You from being screwed by Tele-BEARS

telebears tim

Introverted students from all the people flyering on Sproul

sproul tim

Your cubicle in Main Stacks during dead week

stacks tim

You from trying the Crossroads pho bar

crossroads tim

Innocent bystanders from the line at CREAM


The 51B from leaving without you

51b tim

You from getting lost in Dwinelle

dwinelle tim

Our football team from another 1-11 season

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.07.53 PM

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