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UC Berkeley can be a very stressful place, especially when it seems like everyone around you has five jobs, four internships and volunteering positions at two soup kitchens. Here’s the good news: First, that’s not possible unless you’re Rebecca Peters, and second, UC Berkeley’s Career Center provides Callisto, a service to help students find jobs and internships. To help you further, we analyzed the pros and cons of using Callisto.

What is Callisto?


According to the website, Callisto is the Career Center’s hub of job and internship listings, career fair information, employer information sessions and more. Through Callisto, you can RSVP to events throughout the year such as career fairs, information sessions and workshops. When you first use Callisto, it prompts you to fill out your student profile. The personal section requires information such as your email, phone number and address, while the academic section requires your major and GPA. Its CalJobs database helps your find current jobs and internships that match your interests and strengths.


1) Career Finder quiz 

One of the benefits of Callisto is the Career Finder quiz, which looks for your strengths and suggests a list of appropriate jobs. It gives you statements such as “work in a biology lab” and based on a Likert scale, you click “strongly dislike,” “dislike,” “unsure,” “like,” or “strongly like.” At the end, you choose your preferred level of preparation, or level of education. Make sure you choose the highest level of preparation because you’re already a UC Berkeley student, after all. After analyzing your responses, the Career Finder presents you with recommended jobs such as “biochemist” or “astronomer.” Clicking on each job brings you to a page with a job description, average salary, required education and technology used in the field.

2) CalJobs

The most useful part of Callisto is CalJobs, which many UC Berkeley students find extremely helpful.  CalJobs has opportunities in every area, from babysitting to software development to marketing internships. A majority of the listings have been prescreened, and with thousands of options to choose from, you can be sure to find one that suits you.

3) It organizes your documents

In addition, as part of creating your profile, you can store your documents like resumes and cover letters online so you don’t have to reupload them for every job listing. Callisto also keeps track of your past job applications and your starred jobs so that you can reference what you’ve already applied to and find your favorites easily.

4) Events 

Also, Callisto organizes upcoming events like resume workshops and career fairs under both its events and calendar tabs. It’s easy to RSVP with the click of a button, and you can sign up for emails that notify you about events in your areas of interest.


1) Hit or miss

The Career Finder quiz is a hit or miss because some of the scenarios seem irrelevant for students aiming to get a UC Berkeley degree. For example, two of the statements on the quiz used to gauge your interests are “repair and install locks” and “build kitchen cabinets.” While these are honorable, interesting enterprises, a degree from UC Berkeley probably won’t prepare you very well for what these jobs entail. After completing the quiz, you’re excited to see what kinds of special jobs are perfect for you — animator for Dreamworks? Tornado researcher? Unfortunately, among the results are “shoe and leather worker” and “stone cutter.” Again, not exactly what UC Berkeley is famous for, so perhaps the Career Finder should be changed to make other options on the list like “stockbroker” or “software engineer” more prominent.

 2) Random websites 

Moreover, some of the job listings on CalJobs refer you to an offsite link to apply, and there’s no way to store it as a submitted application on Callisto. This can be slightly annoying for those who like to keep all their applications in one place.

3) Scam jobs 

Beware of scam jobs — some job listings can redirect you to other websites outside of Callisto and ask for your personal information. The majority of jobs are verified, but use your own judgment and be careful.

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