7 things we’d add to campus if we had unlimited funds

Winky Wong/Staff

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In case you haven’t noticed yet, our campus is getting a makeover. Though the incessant whirring of machinery on Lower Sproul isn’t the most pleasant wake-up call as we walk to our 8 a.m. classes, we’re more than willing to put up with the chaos if it means that we can enjoy a new 24-hour campus center with restaurants and a place to mingle. Change is coming to UC Berkeley, and we’re absolutely gleeful. With all of the renovation underway, we can’t help but fantasize about what our campus would be like with other additions. Here’s what students would add if they had unlimited funds:

1. A bike lane

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Jaanisar Khan, a recent graduate, thinks a campuswide designated bike lane would be convenient for students on the go. People with skateboards or bicycles would no longer whiz by pedestrians at a distance too close for comfort. A bike lane is a safety measure that could prevent injury and promote good health. Although there’s no way we’ll be able to compete with UC Davis’ 55 miles of bike paths, we agree that UC Berkeley needs to step up its game and make our campus more bike-friendly.

2. A central napping location

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Ava Shahi believes students need somewhere to rest on campus during those weird two-hour gaps in between traveling from Dwinelle to Pimentel. We at the Clog agree and imagine this room to be like an adult version of daycare  upgraded with outlets for us to charge our iPhones, cushy beanbags, massage chairs and noise-reducing headphones available for rental. But if this building existed, would any of us even go to class anymore?

3. Closer student housing

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According to Alanna Wright, UC Berkeley needs closer student housing on campus. Unless you lived at Unit 3 as a freshman, you surely spent more than five minutes walking to campus each day. And if you chose to stay in Foothill or Clark Kerr, walking to campus could even be 15 to 20 minutes at a stretch. If undergraduate housing were constructed closer to campus, or even on Sproul, students wouldn’t feel discouraged about going to events there simply because of travel time.

4. Transportation on campus

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Kulmeher Dhaliwal believes UC Berkeley needs to have a shuttle service that runs across campus  stopping at central locations such as Memorial Glade, Pimentel Hall and Sproul Plaza. We’d seriously freak out if we came to campus one day and discovered that we didn’t have to walk to class anymore and could take a shuttle instead — but the high demand would likely give rise to long wait times and shuttle overcrowding. We think we’d rather take a hike.

5. A community pool

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Andrew Kooker thinks that our campus could use an outdoor community pool intended for leisure instead of sport. In other words, he wants a Strawberry Canyon Pool in our own backyard. Wouldn’t it be lovely to sit in a lounge chair, sip a cool drink and sunbathe while completing your dreaded class readings? If UC Berkeley opted for a new pool, we’d surely dip our toes in the water.

6. Food trucks on Memorial Glade

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Given the opportunity, Sean Luong and Sammy Sassoon would use funding to establish one day every week for food trucks to sell lunch on Memorial Glade. The weekly event would be an ideal way for students to socialize and enjoy the sun. Our stomachs are growling imagining the possibilities — we’d love to have KoJa Kitchen, Off the Grid and Cupkates all at our fingertips.

7. More indoor seating

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Maris Dyer says there needs to be more cafes and seating venues on campus for students to take shelter in when weather conditions are less than favorable. Sit-down areas such as Yali’s and FSM quickly become crowded on rainy days, and students are left huddling in Dwinelle Hall’s damp rooms instead of a social, well-lit arena equipped with food and coffee. We agree that it would be nice to escape from Berkeley’s bipolar weather somewhere other than a library or classroom — and we’d be grateful if UC Berkeley funded a new cafe that would accept Cal 1 cards and meal points. Limited outdoor seating is more reason to fund the idea of a central napping location.

Image Source: Winky Wong and Vasudha Doijode


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