Sketches of UC Berkeley from student perspectives

Angela Mesgarzadeh /Courtesy

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To incoming freshmen, UC Berkeley is a daunting and novel universe. Newly admitted students know little about the campus’s social and academic scene besides what they’ve read on College Confidential threads and in Facebook groups, while current students have had semesters of experience to adjust to UC Berkeley’s environment and can easily describe the multiple facets of college life. The Clog wanted to know how incoming freshmen see college life differently compared to students who have studied at UC Berkeley for many semesters. This week, we had students draw topics related to life at UC Berkeley to see their differing perspectives. For each topic, the incoming student’s drawing is pictured above, and the current student’s drawing is pictured below.

1. An everyday UC Berkeley student

Average Student CalSOAverage Student Current

CalSO attendee Priya Sundaresh approached the topic from a more lighthearted perspective, depicting a cheerful young woman donning a Cal sweatshirt in front of the Campanile. On the other hand, sophomore Jake Moore drew the average student as a worn, disheveled scholar suffering from sleep deprivation and likely wearing the same sweats as yesterday. We think that both of these sketches accurately represent UC Berkeley’s average student — on sunny afternoons we like to frolic by the Campanile, but come nighttime, we slave over class assignments.

2. Chancellor Nicholas Dirks

Chancellor Dirks CalSO Chancellor Dirks Current

Both artists — incoming freshman Karanveer Dhillon and sophomore Angela Jiang — accurately drew Dirks with his trademark spectacles, shocked hair, overcoat and tie. Here’s a real picture of the chancellor for comparison.

3. A UC Berkeley class in session

Class in Session CalSO Class in Session Current

CalSO attendee Hannah Ritchie drew a traditional classroom setting with a whiteboard and teacher’s desk, while junior Sherdil Nyaz drew a large lecture hall with a guided PowerPoint and stage. Many freshmen aren’t aware of how large some classes are at UC Berkeley — doubtless that’s why they’re so amazed when Pimentel Hall starts to rotate.

4. The UC Berkeley dating scene

Dating Scene CalSO Dating Scene Current

Incoming freshman Angela Mesgarzadeh sketched the fairytale-esque love story we all secretly hoped to encounter when we first moved to Berkeley. Sophomore Carlos Sanchez drew a more realistic representation of UC Berkeley’s dating scene: Tinder.

5. A UC Berkeley gameday

Game Day CalSO Game Day Current

CalSO attendee Christina Shen illustrated the sporting aspect of gamedays by drawing a crowd of fans milling around the stadium. Sophomore Sami Haddad created a timeline of events that begins with tailgating and ends with our football team’s loss (as always).

6. A UC Berkeley professor

Professor CalSOProfessor Current

CalSO attendee Deena Mufti sketched a trendy, modern, bespectacled professor, while an anonymous student drew the less-than-accommodating professor that students unfortunately sometimes encounter.

7. A UC Berkeley frat party

Frat Party CalSO Frat Party Current

Unsurprisingly, both artists — CalSO attendee Carrie Gao and sophomore Jake Moore — highlighted the role that alcohol plays in UC Berkeley’s Greek scene. But Moore’s visual illustrates the fraternity environment and its consequences more so than Gao’s visual.


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