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JULY 24, 2014

We’ve been suggesting a lot of things for people to do over the summer in Berkeley, and some have been more serious than others. Take this guide, for instance. It’s a scavenger hunt full of semi-ridiculous tasks you can do with a few teams of friends. Split your group into two for the summer, and see which team can accomplish these crazy tasks first. Be sure to document each accomplishment — #picsoritdidnthappen.

1. Do the Cal spell-out in front of the chancellor’s house

We won’t tell you where he lives, because we think it’s more fun this way. Track down the chancellor’s home, and make sure to bring a friend to take a video of you giving the camera a C-A-L.

2. Play on Telegraph Avenue for an hour







Bring your own, or borrow a friend’s musical instrument, and head down to Telegraph Avenue. Find a friendly-looking corner of the street, and get to work jamming out for an hour. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play anything. In an hour, you’ll learn. At the end of the hour, see how much money you’ve made, and then donate it to the homeless person that’s been enjoying your beautiful music.

3. Take a selfie on the new Bay Bridge








Be careful with this one. Maybe having a friend take the picture would be better. Just be sure to get the white light poles and palm trees in the shot, proving you’ve traveled along the newly-built span of the bridge. It cost $6.4 billion, so you better enjoy it.

4. Have a picnic on the top of the Fire Trails








Bring your favorite food and friends and hike up the trails behind Clark Kerr. The hike can be steep, but the beautiful views at the top will be well worth it. The hardest part of this activity will be trying not to eat your food before getting to the top.

5. Go to an advanced RSF class for a sport or activity you have no prior experience with









Pretend like you know exactly what you’re doing throughout the entirety of the class, and never look to the other people in the class for guidance. Improvise. Bonus points if you correct the instructor.

6. Go to Berkeley Art Museum, and discuss all the art loudly









Like the previous activity, this one also requires you to pretend to be an expert in something you know nothing about. When you get to Berkeley Art Museum, find a particularly intriguing work of art, and then start hypothesizing about its artist and its meaning with your friends. Do this loudly and with confidence.

7. Slip and slide down 4.0 Hill








While it might be traditional to simply roll down the hill, we believe that summer is the time to shake things up. Bring the Slip ‘n’ Slide, and slide your way into perfect grades for the fall. Even if the superstition isn’t true, at least you will have had fun.

8. Host a random-theme party








Come up with the craziest, randomest themes that you can and require that all attendees dress up according to the theme. The party with the greatest number of pictures on Instragram wins.

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JULY 23, 2014

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