The left is wrong

The Democratic Party has tragically gone insane, and it now promotes policies based on falsehood and the neurotic political correctness of national suicide. Democrats have no interest in protecting the security and affordability of the human food supply, no interest in protecting our own borders from invasion, no interest in fiscal responsibility and no interest in a sane energy policy based on science instead of empty symbolism. Democrats promote a doomsday religion called climate change and have paid scientists to invent computer-generated evidence to create the illusion of a phenomena that does not exist. Even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been caught faking evidence.

If you program computers with false assumptions, computers spew out distorted predictions based on fallacies, not facts. There has been no increase in weather-created disasters and no unusual “global warming” proven to be related to atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. All the best evidence, including ice core samples, suggests atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have little to do with how warm the Earth is. That is why the Earth has experienced ice ages even when atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were 10 times higher than they are today.

The Democratic Party continues to support the food-supply-destroying-biofuel hoax and absurdly expensive and inherently inefficient wind and solar projects. It has done nothing to protect our borders from illegal invasion. If a nation no longer defends its own borders, it loses any hope of attaining fiscal, social and environmental stability.