Can your private school do this?

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This article went viral recently, where it initiated an online discussion on the value of an Ivy League education. Several articles have come out since in defense of the Ivy league system, creating what’s becoming an online debate. The private vs. public school debate has been raging for years, but let’s face it — we all know who comes out on top. Here’s a list of ten things that make going to a public school — the No. 1 public school — really amazing.

1. Save you thousands in tuition money


We all complain about tuition money at some point, but most of us aren’t paying the sky-high tuition that private schools charge. Some in-state students are saving close to $30,000 annually by choosing UC Berkeley over private schools. That much money can buy 15,000 more CREAM ice cream sandwiches. Or a lifetime of Netflix. Or a new car. No matter where  you spend it, it is yours to keep. Oh, and your parents can have a good night’s sleep, too.

2. Expose you to a large, wonderfully diverse student body

With their smaller class sizes, private schools tend to have much smaller student bodies. And while many complain about “crowded” public schools, it’s only once you step on campus that you realize that the “crowd” is really more like a tight bear hug. The size and diversity of our student body makes it so there’s always that one perfect person to do something with. Or to do nothing with. That works, too.

4. Give you an awesome selection of books

The UC library system gives us hope when all hope seems lost. Research is so much easier when there are nine other campuses to borrow books from. It’s almost as if there’s a secret tunnel system across California run by elves who want nothing more than to make students happy with UC system library books. Or it’s just an awesome collaboration.

5. Provide special parking spots for the most accomplished faculty


Those Nobel laureate parking spots scattered throughout campus are a testament to our stellar faculty. No public school has this many Nobel laureate faculty members, and they definitely don’t have parking spaces like these. The number of awesome professors on campus is what makes picking classes so hard yet so glorious.

6. Present animal cuteness overload to every passerby


Okay, so this isn’t specific to public schools. But UC Berkeley’s squirrels are the cutest entertainment a campus could provide. We can spend hours just watching them run around, fighting the urge to feed them.

7. Offer lectures with class sizes large enough to sleep in

Big lecture equals less one-on-one attention — we get it. But being in a sea of students means having the freedom to snag a couple of Z’s without anyone noticing. And that freedom is exercised during every 8 a.m. lecture to have ever existed.

8. Present students with the most lovably awkward mascot ever


While Oski may creep out hundreds of incoming freshmen at CalSO, we all grow to love him, no matter how overly enthusiastic he may seem at times. Either way, Oski has been going head-to-head with mainstream mascots for years, and he can’t be beat. Just look into those eyes, and try to tell us we’re wrong.

9. Free speech championed by an iconic movement


Without UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement, 8-year-olds across the nation wouldn’t be able to dramatically end arguments with, “It’s a free country — I can say whatever I want!”

10. An exclusive campus-wide time zone

B.T., or Berkeley time, is the unofficial yet set-in-stone time zone that makes nearly everything possible. Just make sure to reset your clock when you venture into the dangerous world beyond Sather Gate. But until then, sit back, relax and enjoy your extra 10 minutes at the public school that was so worth it.

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