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Make the most of your K-cups

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AUGUST 06, 2014

Keurig coffee machines, with their ability to create a single, amazing cup of coffee, have become all the rage. But the Keurig also has a dark side. Once you buy a Keurig, you become trapped in a cycle that forces you to continually buy its one-time-use K-cups in order to get your daily dose of caffeine. Learn how to reuse these cups for coffee and how to create different uses for them so they don’t go to waste.

1. Indoor plants

basil plants

Use these K-cups to grow indoor plants. You can plant seeds of your favorite herbs, such as basil or rosemary, that you can use for cooking later.

2. Desk organizer


Put all of those knick-knacks like paper clips and thumbtacks that are so easy to lose in those little cups. This organization tactic is a cost-free way to keep you coordinated and tidy.

3. Condiments


If you’re packing your lunch, you can store ketchup for your french fries in a K-cup. Or, if you’ve opened a can of sauce and want to save the leftovers, you now have a new way to store them!

4. Holiday ornaments

arts and crafts

Make a scary pumpkin for Halloween decorations or Frosty the Snowman to hang on your Christmas tree. The holidays are expensive enough without having to pour more money into decorations.

5. Jello Molds


You can make small bites of jello as a fun snack while you’re studying or as an appetizer for a party!

6. Popsicle molds


Pour a delicious mix of yogurt into the K-cups and make your own Popsicles! Just mix chopped up fresh fruit with your favorite yogurt.

7. Room decor


Make string decorations or create a cool art piece using K-cups to hang on your walls. Unique room decor is much more personalized and fun than something you’d find at the store anyway!

8. Arts and crafts


Use K-cups for circles, stencils and stamps. They don’t have to go to waste when you think of cool DIY projects to use them for.

9. Children’s projects

arts and crafts

Create puppets or building blocks as a fun pastime with younger siblings or the neighbor’s kids that you’re babysitting.

10. Reuse them!

k cups


These single use cups can be reused after all. Simply clean out your K-cup and put in your favorite coffee blend. Pop it back into the Keurig for an eco-friendly cup of joe.

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AUGUST 06, 2014

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