The hunt for the best chocolate ice cream in Berkeley

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Ice cream is the solution to all of life’s problems, and ice cream in Berkeley is a topic near and dear to our hearts. There are more than 30 places to get ice cream within a two-mile radius of campus, with an astounding array of flavors and colors. It’s impossible to determine what the “best” ice cream shop is, but the Daily Clog decided to test chocolate ice cream from four different brands to test which store has mastered this classic. We compared chocolate ice cream from three Berkeley locations — CREAM, John’s $1 Ice Cream and Ici Ice Cream — by giving samples to five participants. We also included Haagen-Dazs’s chocolate ice cream as a benchmark for fine, high-quality flavor. Watch the video and read on to learn which brand our testers declared their favorite.

Haagen Dazs

haagen dazs


Testers were generally positive about Haagen-Dazs. While some samples had a few ice crystals, it had a smooth texture, but its chocolate flavor wasn’t as strong as that of other brands. Two testers ranked it their second favorite out of the four samples. A Berkeley store outranking an international company is very impressive.



On the positive side, testers liked CREAM’s chocolate ice cream because it was smooth and not as sweet as the others. But two testers noticed that CREAM had a strange bitter taste throughout the spoonful, while one tester said it tasted bland, like ice and milk. One person voted for CREAM as his favorite sample despite commenting on the strange aftertaste.

John’s $1 Ice Cream

johns logo

The support for John’s chocolate ice cream was overwhelming. While John’s was the cheapest out of all the brands, it ranked the highest, with four out of five testers favoring it over all the others. According to those four, it had enough chocolate flavor without being too sweet, and the texture was light and fluffy. One person remarked that it felt “guilt-free” because it didn’t leave a sticky sensation on the tongue afterward.

Ici Ice Cream


Surprisingly, Ici’s chocolate ice cream fared badly compared to the other three. Testers said it was overly sweet and didn’t taste like chocolate, with a sticky, syrupy consistency. One tester compared it to molasses and Nesquik chocolate milk powder. Ici is famous for delicious gourmet flavors and experimenting with unusual ingredients, so maybe its chocolate ice cream was an experiment gone wrong.

Our last two participants were two 2 year olds, Emma and Claire Stauffer. They seemed to enjoy every sample equally, even licking spilled ice cream off of the table. They couldn’t decide on a favorite brand after throughly finishing each cup, showing that in the end, every ice cream store is a winner.

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