Unexpected skills from working that you can’t put on a resume

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Obtaining a job is often a rite of passage for most college students, whether it is to feed expensive habits or build up resumes — especially at a competitive school like UC Berkeley. These days, joining just about any club, job or internship requires some type of prior experience. But sometimes, the experience you gain goes beyond technical skills such as Microsoft Excel or Adobe Photoshop. There are many redeemable qualities that may seem laughable on a resume but could in fact take you far. Knowing that these abilities also deserve attention, the Clog asked student workers what unexpected skills they’ve gathered throughout their careers.


Navjot Mehrok

Student caller at Cal Calling Center


“I now can always start up a conversation out of nothing and have the conversation flow seamlessly. Also, don’t eat stale churros.”

Being able to strike up a conversation and have it continue when you have no knowledge or history with a stranger is a very handy skill in college, the professional world and just life in general. Imagine never having those awkward pauses in conversations that happen when you both don’t know what to say next.


Janel Jimenez

Social media monitor at Student Affairs Communications


“I can Google things very quickly and efficiently. Tell me something to search, and I can probably find it within a few minutes.”

This skill would definitely come in handy when you’re trying to write a 15-page research paper the day before it’s due. In a desperate attempt to avoid the “inaccurate” Wikipedia, we’ve all stressfully Googled articles that seem legitimate enough to use as a source. But Googling to find the article is one thing, actually reading the 20-page thesis is another.


Karthik Gururangan

Undergraduate researcher at the Concept Group


“I’ve learned how to bargain favors using coffee and Arizonas.”

It’s a well known fact that coffee and tea make the world go round, especially on a college campus. It’s always nice to be able to get people to do things for you … at the price of a drink. Also, keep in mind that if you are late to a meeting, it doesn’t hurt to suck up to your supervisors by bringing them food.


Shane Romero

Scheduling assistant at ASUC Student Union


“I know how to give bathroom directions in a very polite, efficient manner.”

Ever experience the awkwardness of not being able to direct someone with a bursting bladder to the bathroom clearly? Romero has mastered this skill, so if you ever want directions to the closest bathroom, seek her out to to find the closest one to you.


Sid Moghe

Marketing intern at ChemiSense


“I can remember names much more easily now.”

Learning and actually remembering people’s names is always pretty challenging, especially during the first few weeks of the semester. Being able to remember someone’s name immediately after he tells you saves you from the uncomfortable situation of having to ask for it a month after you’ve met him. There are always the people who clearly don’t know your name since they never say it and make a point to look at you when they are addressing you.

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