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Montague's vs. Cheese 'n' Stuff

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AUGUST 11, 2014

Though Cheese ‘n’ Stuff has been gracing our Berkeley community with delicious subs for more than a quarter decade, a new sandwich shop entered the Berkeley food scene a few years ago: Montague’s Gourmet Sandwiches. Though each shop’s sandwiches are certainly distinctive from each other, both are close to campus, serve delicious food and offer reasonable prices. In a world with two extremely high-quality sandwich shops, what is a UC Berkeley student to do? How can this dilemma be solved? The Clog decided to try to get to the bottom of this predicament by making an in-depth comparison of the two stores based on 12 categories.

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As with most things in life, this sandwich competition is sadly not black and white. But, the Daily Clog has come to the conclusion that Montague’s serves higher-quality sandwiches. That said, these sandwiches come with a price – $3 – $4 more than that of Cheese ‘n’ Stuff, to be exact.  Cheese ‘n’ Stuff also has a very wide selection of specialty items like tabbouleh, if you’re interested in that, while Montague’s doesn’t have as much variety. But if you have the money to spend and are really looking for something extraordinary in your sandwich, head to Montague’s. If you’re just a struggling college student with an aching wallet who also happens to love various Middle Eastern delights, however, go to Cheese ‘n’ Stuff — its sandwiches will get the job done at a low cost.


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AUGUST 12, 2014