Hannah Georgas talks influences and exciting tour moments before her show at the Greek

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Playing the Greek Theater towards the end of her run in support of Sara Bareilles’ Little Black Dress Tour, Canadian singer/songwriter Hannah Georgas took a phone interview with The Daily Cal to talk about her musical influences, life on the road and the most memorable shows of the tour.


Daily Californian: You’re coming to the tail end of this tour with Sara Bareilles. How has that been going?

Hannah Georgas: It’s been absolutely wonderful. I’ve had a great run. We played all through the U.S. and had great shows, and [Sara Bareilles] has got an awesome fanbase and I feel like it’s just been really receptive for me. Everybody on her team is so great so it’s just been a really positive experience for myself and my band. It’s been awesome.


DC: How has Sara’s fanbase been taking to your music every night?

HG: Oh, it’s been incredible! I feel like her fans have been super receptive and I go out after the show to kind of say hello to everybody and walk around, and I find that I feel like I’m being embraced. It couldn’t make you feel any better to just go out and feel like people are enjoying the music.


DC: For people who aren’t familiar with your music style, how would you describe your music?

HG: I say that it’s pop with a little bit of alternative. I’m a singer/songwriter and there’s a little bit of an electronic influence.


DC: And who would you cite as some of your influences:

HG: That ranges from a pretty broad spectrum, but I love a lot of hip hop, I love R&B, I love pop music, folk — artists like Sade, Annie Lennox, from A Tribe Called Quest to Michael Jackson. I’m really into songwriting and pop music.


DC: You’ve been touring in support of your self-titled album for about two years now. Are you working on anything new or focusing on getting yourself out on the road?

HG: I’m trying to write right now, but I’ve just been so busy with promoting this record and being on the road. So I’ve been trying to strike that balance at home to do writing … My brain is on the writing path right now. This Sara Bareilles tour is the bookend to this record that I’ve been promoting, so it’s a nice way to end it all.


DC: Do you find it easier or harder to write on the road?

HG: I find it impossible to write on the road (laughs). It’s really hard. I think for what I need, I need to be kind of isolated and alone and have quiet in my brain. The opportunity to just have everything at my fingertips, like all my instruments. I find that on tour it’s not an easy endeavor for me. I’m around people all the time and thinking of other things or thinking about the show or getting to the next place … I’ve tried, but I guess every scenario is different when you’re on the road, like how much time in between shows you have, how much traveling you have, how much space you have. But for me, I’ve never had that inspiration to write on the road.


DC: Do you have a most memorable show from this tour?

HG: We did two nights at Madison Square Garden. When I walked off stage the first night, I’m like, “Okay, I’m ready to go do that again and really kill it.” So the second night, there was just this energy on stage that was … different than the first night. Not that the first night was bad, but I had this energy that was coming across differently and it felt really good on stage and it felt really receptive in the crowd.

Hannah Georgas is opening for Sara Bareilles tonight at the Greek Theater. Tickets are still on-sale.


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