Solidaritea: the iced tea that gives back

Lucy Tate/Staff

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Sometimes a refreshing sip of sweet cinnamon peach iced tea is all you need to recover from a long day in the summer heat. But with an ice-cold bottle of Solidaritea, you’re doing more than making your taste buds happy when you have a drink — you’re also helping to promote local social justice groups and nonprofits in your Bay Area neighborhood.

photo 2Co-founded by UC Berkeley student Trey Jalbert, Solidaritea lives up to its name. Each Solidaritea flavor shares a partnership with a local organization — 10 cents from every bottle sold goes to that organization and helps it reach its fundraising goal. Once this goal is reached, Solidaritea chooses another local group in your community that is in need of financial help. All of the artwork and graphics on the bottles are created by local artists as well.

In addition to its commitment to the Bay Area, Solidaritea is also environmentally conscious. Solidaritea’s glass bottles ensure that they can be continuously recycled when customers turn them in for a CRV. Also, ingredients used to make the tea are authentic, premium quality and 100 percent organic. You can rest assured that you will not be ingesting any artificial flavors or preservatives. Solidaritea is featured in a number of local Berkeley stores. Be sure to look for this brand the next time you’re feeling thirsty.


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