Tunesday: Soundtrack to the end of summer lovin’

There’s less than one week of summer left before we’re back to textbook shopping, discussion section ice breakers and all of the other wonderful festivities that accompany the fall semester. In other words: there’s less than one week left to show off those #summerbods and Instagram that #summerlovin, so you all better act FAST. To commemorate a fabulous summer of sunshine, internships and old friends, we’ve whipped up a playlist capturing those carefree summer vibes that we all know and love. Let’s all put that countdown to the first day of class aside and dial into a well-deserved “end-of-summer” mood with these tracks. Access the playlist online on the Culture Shot blog!

Saint Pepsi— “Fiona Cloyne”

Kicking off this playlist is “Fiona Cloyne,” an explosion of groovy vibes, birthed from the gods of sunshine and summer. Religious Studies majors, back us up. Inspired by his love for the “Degrassi” character Fiona Cloyne, Saint Pepsi preaches a highly admirable philosophy in his chorus: “I’ll love you till the record stops.” Which is exactly what we’ll do — keep living summer till the music stops. That’s how it works, right?

Spazzkid— “Loving Free”

This bouncy, uptempo melody by LA-based producer Mark Redito a.k.a Spazzkid taps into some carefree beats and Japanese funk, practically begging for a good memory to cling onto. Tap into your inner Japanese schoolgirl with this song and blast it loud and proud; it is the furthest thing from boring.

Sbtrkt/ Ezra Koenig — “NEW DORP. NEW YORK”

Most of SBTRKT’s material kind of makes us feel like we’re being chased by wild animals in the safari, and “NEW DORP. NEW YORK” is no different. This crazy, high-energy single sung by sassy Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig is the first song to be released from SBTRKT’s album Wonder When We Land, set to release later this year. We’re not sure if this song scares us or excites us, but one thing’s for sure — we like it.

Dan Croll — “In/Out (Baardsen remix)”

Imagine yourself in that split moment after a dive into the pool, where all you can see from underwater are rainbow ripples and a distorted view of the sky. Now imagine that in song form. A three and half minute song. BOOM: You get Baardsen’s remix of Dan Croll’s “In/Out,” a feel-good song with lyrics that impeccably mirror classic summer romances.

Spoon — “Do You”

With some honest lyrics recalling throwing up “half out of a bag,” lead singer John Daniel sings some crazy catchy lyrics in this indie-rock release. You’d have to be made out of stone to not dance to this one, especially with all those, “do do do do do do do do do do do do […]”’s. Well, you’ll get it when you hear it.

Peanut Butter Wolf —Run the Line (Lord Finesse remix)”

Since all of the previous songs on this playlist have been released this summer, here’s a good splash of some old-school material — because ‘90s rap and sunshine will always be two peas in pod. If you’re looking for an abstract twist to Notorious B.I.G., Bay Area native Peanut Butter Wolf is the way to go.

Fujiya & Miyago — “Uh”

This one by Fujiya & Miyagi is a little mellower, but its funky beat makes it a sure summer jam. Also, its title is the greatest, serving to remind us of all those stumped moments in lecture where all we can say is “Uh.” Freshman, prepare yourselves.

ODESZA — “Sun Models”

Nothing complements a warm day better than a tall sparkling glass of ODESZA, a Seattle-based music duo producing some of the cleanest beats in electronic chillwave. Since we really can’t make out any of what Madelyn Grant is singing, it’s safe to assume that she is singing in some kind of indigenous language of summer. If you like this single, keep your eyes peeled for the rest of ODESZA’s album, In Return, which is scheduled for release on Sept. 9.

FKJ — “Open the Door”

French Kiwi Juice achieves a smooth balance of sophistication and spice with this groovy electronic tune. The last minute of the song gracefully strips down to a jazzy riff on the keyboard that is a little too beautiful to forgo mentioning. Brace yourself for some serious summer nostalgia because this track will give you just that.

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