Editor’s Note

Freshman year is an exciting time for all. Especially when considering that you are entering the world’s No. 1 public university, it’s easy to be nervous.

We at The Daily Californian have filled this year’s Welcome Freshmen special issue with advice on how to make this year the best yet. We hope that you explore your options when choosing a major, that you take advantage of the unique opportunities dorm life offers, that you attend some of the Welcome Week events listed in our calendar — but most importantly, that you get to checking off your Berkeley bucket list before your time here at Cal flashes by before your eyes.

And lastly, we hope that instead of looking at this new start in your life with fear, you will walk the halls of Dwinelle with confidence. Because it’s not the number of medals that counts (as our sports teams prove), it’s the climb.

Roll on you bears, roll on.

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