UC Berkeley tops multiple new university reputation rankings

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If you managed to apply to Berkeley, go through CalSO and survive Welcome Week without hearing UC Berkeley is the “number-one public university in the entire world” at least 50 times, there’s something wrong. It’s our ultimate point of pride here at Cal, and for good reason. However, as revealed by a slew of newly released university-reputation rankings, it turns out UC Berkeley has a lot more to be proud of!

On Aug. 25, four UC campuses were named in the top five of Washington Monthly’s 2014 rankings. UC San Diego was ranked first for the fifth year in a row, and UC Berkeley took third. The second, fourth and fifth places went to UC Riverside, Texas A&M University and UCLA, respectively. Schools were rated based on their contributions to the public in three categories: social mobility, research and service. Cal received an overall score of 94. Janet Napolitano said in a statement that “for four of our campuses to be ranked in the top five and for UC San Diego to be ranked No. 1 for the fifth consecutive year is a significant achievement. All eight of the UC Campuses that were ranked in the top 100 institutions deserve heartfelt congratulations from the entire UC community.”

Washington Monthly/Courtesy

Washington Monthly/Courtesy

That same day, the Daily Caller released its own college-rankings list entitled The Best 52 Colleges In America Period When You Consider Absolutely Everything That Matters” — setting pretty high standards for its rating system. Colleges were evaluated based on four academic-related categories and four nonacademic categories. The academic-related categories were 1) overall academics, 2) professor quality, 3) overall ability to graduate freshmen and 4) admissions selectivity. The nonacademic categories were 1) social life, 2) student attractiveness, 3) campus and surrounding area and 4) cost of tuition and fees. UC Berkeley took 12th place — pretty good in the larger scheme of things, right?

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But, wait — there’s more! Pitchbook Data Inc., a data and technology provider, has compiled a list of top universities by number of founders the schools have graduated since 2009. The top three schools on the list? Stanford, UC Berkeley and MIT. According to Pitchbook, Cal has graduated 336 founders between 2009 and 2014. In that time period, these entrepreneurs have started up 284 companies. Of these companies, One Kings Lane, Warby Parker, Playdom, Quixey and Calithera Biosciences have been the most successful — if we’re talking total capital raised, that is — so far.
Lastly (because we know you haven’t read enough numbers yet), Cal was ranked fourth in the Academic Ranking of World Universities’s “World Top 500 Universities” list. The ARWU ranks colleges by academic and research performance, considering factors such as number of Nobel laureates and of highly cited researchers. Over 1,200 universities are ranked, but a list comprising only the top 500 is published online. American universities — excluding the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, which took fifth place and 10th place, respectively — dominate the top 10.
Shanghai Ranking/Courtesy

Shanghai Ranking/Courtesy

So, if you ever get down or stressed or experience any negative emotions in general, just remember: You go to the number-one public university in the world — also the number-three university, according to Washington Monthly, and the number-12 university, when you consider absolutely everything that matters. You get the point.
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