Fashion Fridays: Welcome Week Edition

Tiffany Kim/Staff

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It’s Welcome Week, and everyone’s dressing to impress — freshmen and returning students alike. So how do you stick out from the crowd? Don’t fret about first impressions, just express yourself like you normally would. Sporting everything from menswear-inspired chic to antique accessories, these five best-dressed kids show that the best style is always the one that you feel the most natural in.

Picture 1 and a half (1)Michael McGee

Style Inspiration: “Americana, in all senses. From prep to streetwear and a lot of stuff in between.”

Picture 2 Small

Danielle Gutierrez

Style: I tend to be a little old-fashioned. I’m a little more preppy. I have a lot of Oxfords.”

Picture 3 smaller

Ella Pong

Style: “I shop a lot at thrift stores, and I tend to mix and match things.”

Picture 4

“The glass chains are from Goodwill.”

Picture 5 Smaler

James Paraskevopoulos

Style: “Wanting to be liked by people. My inspiration is Barack Obama.”

Elizabeth Reali

Style: “My style inspiration is wanting to be hired. Wanting to appear employable.”

Picture 6 Smaller

James Bradley

Style: “Tour guide chic.”

Picture 7 Smaller

“The pin is from 1942. My dad found it for me. It’s from the Double V campaign, which was a civil rights movement started by the Pittsburgh Courier, the leading African Newspaper in the 1940s. I guess I’m part of that movement.”

Picture 8 Smaller

“I’ve had these shoes for two years. I got them at orientation!”


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