#PayMyTuitionChallenge gets response from Blackboard to pay for students’ tuitions

Sabrina Werts/Senior Staff

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The recent flood of responses to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has ushered in a new wave of nominations from college students calling on public figures such as Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates to step up to the plate. Something that has evolved out of this trend is the #PayMyTuitionChallenge. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Students are reaching out to public figures in hopes that they can have their tuition bills paid by celebrities.

While no famous person has yet to respond to these students’ pleas, one organization has. Education-software developer Blackboard is offering a $15,000 scholarship as a first-place prize to whomever gets the most up-votes explaining how he or she will use education to better the world. Instructions can be found on their site.

Using the hashtag on Twitter is an effective way to raise awareness about the debilitating debt students face after graduation, but it’s still a shot in the dark if you actually want your tuition paid, considering how many students are now participating in this endeavor. Here are some of the Daily Clog’s favorite entries:





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