Quiz: Which Daily Cal department should you work for?

Interested in joining The Daily Californian but don’t know for which department to apply? Take this quiz to find out! And remember, applications are due Sept. 5 by 5 p.m.

  1. You’re bored, but luckily you have internet access. What do you do?
    1. Check out the New York Times to see what’s going on in the world
    2. Upload to Flickr the cool photos you took over the weekend
    3. Take a quiz to find out which cartoon character you’d be then use Yelp to pick a place to eat for dinner
    4. Look at the latest updates to the Adobe Creative Suite
    5. Get on US Message Board to voice how outraged you are by the latest bills past by Congress
    6. Stream the Cal football game — duh
    7. Read some Forbes, listen to the Marketplace podcast on NPR or sell some stuff on Craigslist.
    8. Spend too much time on Facebook and cringe every time you see a grammatical error — cringe a lot
    9. Check out the new releases in Netflix’s indie film section, make a Spotify playlist of your favorite artists from Outside Lands and buy some tickets to see Kinky Boots playing in SF this weekend…the usual
    10. Edit the latest video you filmed and upload it to YouTube
    11. Start to code an app you’re surprised hasn’t been created yet
  2. What would you say is your greatest strength?
    1. Your desire to find the truth
    2. Your aesthetic sensibilities
    3. Your ability to relate to others
    4. Your awesome artistic skills
    5. Your passion for your interests
    6. Your impressive knowledge of baseball statistics
    7. Your ability to strategize for success
    8. Your impeccable attention to detail
    9. Your dedication to culture
    10. Your ability to creatively convey information
    11. Your computer know-how
  3. Which of the following perks most appeals to you?
    1. Knowing everything that goes on in Berkeley
    2. Going to events for free
    3. Flexibility in what you write about
    4. Using a screen larger than 13 inches
    5. Everybody knowing who you are
    6. Getting tickets for sports games
    7. Accumulating experience for Haas
    8. Knowing thousands of people will be exposed to a witty sentence you wrote
    9. The opportunity to interview celebrities
    10. Access to professional equipment
    11. The opportunity to design a better quiz format than this
  4. What do your friends think is annoying about you?
    1. Sometimes I’m a little intense, but it’s only because I want to do things right!
    2. I always have my camera in someone’s face. But, I swear, I never upload bad photos to Facebook.
    3. I have a habit of interrupting people with random but really interesting facts. Hey, some of them are useful.
    4. I’m really picky. Everything has to be perfect.
    5. I’m stubborn. You won’t change my opinion easily.
    6. Sometimes I forget that a world exists outside of sports.
    7. Everything I do is goal-oriented. I’m not into doing things “just for kicks.”
    8. Two words: Grammar. Elitist. Punctuation is an art.
    9. They think I’m hipster and obscure.
    10. I always secretly record them when they’re doing something embarrassing.
    11. I’m constantly staring at my computer screen.
  5. How many hours do you want to spend working per week?
    1. 15 hours or more
    2. About six
    3. Six sounds good, but I like working from home.
    4. I could commit to five.
    5. Five hours, but all in one sitting
    6. Eight hours at the most
    7. I have 10 hours to kill
    8. Around four hours would be nice, but in the evenings
    9. Four hours during the day
    10. Five hours, but I want to be out and about
    11. I could handle three hours.
    1. You got: News! As a news reporter for The Daily Californian, you will write for one of the nation’s oldest and most respected student newspapers, investigate the day’s breaking stories and look into some of the most controversial issues facing our campus, the UC system and the city of Berkeley. Apply here.
    2. You got: Photo! As a photographer for the Daily Cal, you will be responsible for taking the photos that appear both in the online and print versions of the newspaper. Your work will gain exposure, and you will learn to improve your photographic range while focusing on photo journalism and portraiture. Apply here.
    3. You got: Blog! Cloggers (Daily Cal Bloggers) will gain valuable skills in new media and learn a writing style that will appeal to an online college readership. Whether writers are providing insight into the day’s politics or entertaining students with a list of haunted spots on campus, Cloggers always engage with readers directly, and we love them for it. Apply here.
    4. You got: Design! Members of the Daily Cal’s Design department serve as layout designers, graphic artists and illustrators. Although their names don’t often appear in print, designers are responsible for readers’ first impressions. As a designer, you will create eye-popping spreads that integrate stories and visual content in an effective and interesting manner. Apply here.
    5. You got: Opinion! Do you have interesting thoughts and no one to talk to about them? As a weekly columnist or opinion blogger, you will share your wit, humor and valuable insights to entertain the Daily Cal’s wide readership. Apply here.
    6. You got: Sports! As a sports reporter, you will be tasked with covering one of Cal’s varsity sports teams. Your duties will include writing recaps, previews and at least one feature per semester on staff. Reporters in the sports department receive press passes to events and have the opportunity to develop relationships with the university’s athletes — some of whom have gone on to become Olympic gold medalists. Apply here.
    7. You got: Business! The Daily Cal, like any other newspaper, is divided into an editorial and a business side. The business side makes the money, organizes our finances and helps direct organization-wide changes to optimize our appeal to advertisers. It consists of six departments: sales, finance, production, marketing, distribution and development. Apply here.
    8. You got: Night! Misplaced commas and egregious spelling errors got you down? As a member of the copy desk, you’ll get to satisfy your urge to rid the world of atrocious grammar. Copy editors are responsible for keeping the newspaper clear, consistent and correct. Apply here.
    9. You got: Arts! Berkeley is nothing if not a vast battleground of artistic events all vying for the attention of the reviews section. The San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of free concerts, films, poetry readings, festivals, community theater, art gallery openings, fashion events — the list is virtually inexhaustible. It’s the arts reporters’ job to put it all under close and frequent scrutiny so a pop-culture-hungry Berkeley public will know what’s worth checking out. Apply here.
    10. You got: Multimedia! Multimedia producers work with video, audio and interactive content to produce comprehensive multimedia pieces that tell a story from a multitude of perspectives. You’ll primarily publish content on the Daily Cal’s YouTube channel. Those videos are subsequently featured on the Daily Cal’s website. Apply here.
    11. You got: Online! The Daily Cal is looking for experienced coders and web developers to work on awesome, out-of-this-world projects, from building special pages for our website to mobile development. We’re looking for people with a passion for detail and the courage to conquer mountains of code. We want creative puzzle solvers who aren’t afraid to invent and create on the fly but are also happy to hack away at tricky bugs. That someone might just be you! Apply here.


Sabrina Werts is the blog editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @SabrinaWerts.