Fashion Fridays: Back in the Swing of Things

Tiffany Kim/Staff

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As the summer of 2014, Welcome Week and the Labor Day weekend slowly slip into memory, it’s time for UC Berkeley students to get adjusted to yet another semester. Of course, getting adjusted includes acclimating to the Berkeley weather, notorious for its unpredictable sways in temperature. Here, UC Berkeley’s best-dressed demonstrate creative ways to layer for the fall semester, along with other kinds of inspiration to help you get back in the swing of things.


Small Picture 9

Kimber Amadi

Style Icon: “Janelle Monae.”


Small Picture 1Elizabeth Epstein

Inspiration: “I just traveled to Scandinavia, so my inspiration is the simple Scandinavian countryside. Simple shades. Simple colors, like white.”


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Jacob Flowers

On his on-going transformation: “I just started dressing this way six months ago. Used to be all t-shirts and jeans. I’m just trying to be more professional and fashionable.”


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Matthew Kirschenbaum

Style: “Soft grunge. Academic chic.”


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Lucy Han

Style: “I just got this dress yesterday at the James Rowland Shop. I dress comfortably, usually with dresses and nice shoes.”


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“The Metamorphosis”
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Khoa Vu

Inspiration: “I follow a lot of Tumblr blogs.”

His favorite: “1973. He collects a lot of different stuff online that’s not his style.”


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Maddy Korich

Inspiration: “My mom, disco dancing in the Seventies. These are pretty much all my mom’s clothes.”


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Jennifer Wong (of The Daily Californian)

Inspiration for the Day: “Just the whole ‘don’t wear white after Labor Day.’ I thought it was perfect because yesterday was hot, and today is cold. So white isn’t right today, and I was like, ‘Fuck that!’ So I did the all-white thing. My top is also white, but I threw on this sweater because it is cold.”

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