The first week of school as told by GIFs

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Before you even had the chance to properly change your calendar from August to September, the first week of fall semester had already come and gone without a warning. Right about now, you might be confused as to how all of this time has passed without your permission or even a slight acknowledgement of your feelings — but no worries. Everyone is feeling what you’re feeling.

The first week of school always consists of intense, mixed emotions, and the Clog is here to help you register and understand exactly what those feelings are so you don’t have to. After all, you really should be putting all of that energy into that 40-page reading you’re (unconvincingly) trying to pretend doesn’t exist.


A week ago, you were having the time of your life. No classes, no homework and — most importantly of all — no leaving the comfort of your bed before 12 p.m. Remember how great it was reuniting with friends you hadn’t seen all summer and getting all of that free Welcome Week food and swag?


Then, you realize school was going to start for real. Panic about being waitlisted for that one class you crucially need and excitement over finally having a somewhat scheduled life again started to sink in.



Getting up in the morning for your first class of the semester made you realize just why you tried so hard to avoid signing up for morning classes. You forgot that some people actually have breakfast before noon on a regular basis.


You arrive to your classes a little late — thank goodness Berkeley time exists — and now have to stand awkwardly in the back, because there are no more seats left. You hope everyone starts dropping classes ASAP so you can sit down. Your legs are not accustomed to the campus hills like they used to be.


Then, your professors start handing out enormous syllabi and start teaching new material as if it weren’t the first day of classes. How dare they.



Before you know it, most of your professors have given you readings and assignments that have  —*gasp* — due dates. You ponder whether it is illegal to give homework in the first week of classes. You’re pretty sure you’ve read that law somewhere.

Nostalgia 2.0 

You see fond memories everywhere you look, from that one random campus bench to aggressive squirrels to those groups of freshmen excited to start their college journey. You didn’t realize just how much you missed Berkeley until now. It feels good to be back.


Your brain is definitely not ready to be used, and you seem to have lost all ability to concentrate or study.


You realize you have school again tomorrow…and the day after that.



Regardless of the mundane routine the start of school brings, you’re excited to hang out with old friends, meet new people and show your school spirit every way possible, from attending games to joining campus clubs and organizations. You start to plan out all of the things you will check off your bucket list and can’t wait for the weekend to begin so you can start having the best year ever.

Lack of motivation

You’ll have plenty of time to get on that bucket list during the second week of school. Right now, you deserve to take a break from the hectic and stressful week that is the first week of school. You definitely deserve that pizza and a Netflix binge. Future you can worry about that 40-page reading assignment.

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