Tunesday: A walk to remember

As we all settle into our daily routines, walking to and from classes might get a little monotonous, despite how berserk we all know Berkeley can be. Sometimes the flyers on Sproul don’t do it for you. Sometimes the incense doesn’t do it for you. We understand, which is why this playlist will do it for you. Here are eight change-inspired tracks that’ll make your stroll around campus a little more interesting and will nicely complement all the scenery and greenery you’ll see throughout the day. Access the playlist here!

Lunice – “Glow”

This first song is “Glow,” the opening track of DJ/producer Lunice’s 2011 EP One Hunned. The three-minute instrumental is so uplifting that it might just make you feel invincible enough to walk through the jungle that is Sproul Plaza. If you like the song, you’re in luck! Lunice will be performing on Memorial Glade this Friday through SUPERB Productions, so make sure to set aside some time to check out his free set.


Chrome Sparks – “Marijuana”

This one’s probably best for a walk on Telegraph, if you catch our drift. It’s also one of those tracks that is perfect to listen to on a walk, as it lures you into a type of space-transcending captivity while it plays through your ear buds.


Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Never Catch Me”

This clumsy, psychedelic track or “outer-body experience” as Kendrick would put it, has FlyLo written all over it. When Kendrick starts to rap, and does so with the same lyrical intensity in good kid, m.A.A.d city, the song enters a battle-like push-and-pull of frantic beats and rampant rhymes. The artists’ energies are equally matched and ingeniously complement one another into this collaboration, reason enough as to why they reign over the rap and electronic music scenes.


Jaymes Young – “Habits of My Heart”

This isn’t the first time a Jaymes Young track was featured in a Tunesday, but we praise him for good reason. In this track, he samples indie folk artist Sufjan Steven’s beautiful track “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland” to produce something a little more relevant, as it displays some sultry R&B and catchy pop elements.


Ryam Hemsworth – “Cream Soda (with Tomggg)”

This next song by Ryan Hemsworth is an unexpected, playful collaboration with Japanese artist Tomgg and sounds like something off a Mario Kart or Pokemon soundtrack. It exudes the exact type of sweetness you’d expect from a song titled “Cream Soda.” Who knew a song could be so cute?


Ariana Grande ft. Cashmere Cat – “Be My Baby”

As soon as Magnus Høiberg aka Cashmere Cat emerged into the electro-pop scene by remixing Miguel, Lana and 2Chainz, the producer has been catching the attention of some major artists. It’s no surprise that he’s made it onto Ariana Grande’s My Everything alongside “bigger” collaborators The Weeknd, A$AP Ferg and Childish Gambino. Lucky for us, he hasn’t sacrificed his iconic musicality for mainstream success, and his artistry shines once again through this track.


Sam Smith – “Good Thing (Go Yama Remix)”

By now you’ve probably listened to (and maybe even cried to) The Lonely Hour so many times that the album may have lost a bit of its initial flavor. That’s why this remix by Go Yama is so great, as it transforms a track that has marinated in our hearts for so long into something a little more edgy. Spice up an old track, spice up your old walking routine.


Galimatias – “Ocean Floor Kisses”      

This last song is Galimatias’ newest release, which, through minimal synths and emotive percussion, channels much of the same surreality as an underwater swim. It’s the ideal song to refresh your mind between classes or after a long day of readings and algorithms.

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