Uber just got more affordable for college students

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Uber, the innovative ridesharing service that has been taking big cities by storm, plans to unleash a new, cheaper mode of transportation: Uber Pool.

Since its founding in 2009, Uber has turned the inner-city transportation industry on its head, particularly in big cities such as San Francisco and New York. Now, Uber has announced on its blog plans to expand the service to include the option to share a ride with another user. Right now, Uber works in a fairly simple way: those looking for a ride from point A to point B can simply pull up the mobile application and find local Uber taxis that happen to be near them. With Uber Pool, those looking for rides — and a great deal — will be able to choose to share a ride with someone else along the route.

Because carrying two Uber users in one taxi would dramatically cut costs for the company, it also cuts costs for the brave souls willing to ride with a stranger. Therefore, Uber is offering a discount to those willing to use the new service. And get this: if Uber can’t find someone for you to share your ride with, the company will still offer you a discount for helping test out the service.

According to the Uber website, the service will be “rolling out immediately in private beta,” which means it’s still going to be in its testing mode for a while. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sign up — if you sign up by clicking on this link, you will be notified once Uber Pool comes to Berkeley. So the next time you need to take that trip to San Francisco on a fairly empty wallet, consider using Uber Pool.

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