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UC Berkeley to offer a mobile-payment option for parking

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

If you drive a lot in Berkeley, you know that parking your car around campus is neither cheap nor easy. Thankfully, there will soon be a solution to all of your parking woes. UC Berkeley Parking and Transportation has found a hassle-free way for you to pay for everyday parking, and all you need is a phone.

In just a few weeks, UC Berkeley will be introducing a convenient mobile-payment option: PayByPhone. This service allows drivers to pay for parking by using a smartphone app or a computer or by dialing a toll-free number to pay via credit or debit card. This means no more searching for coins and bills in your pocket, rushing to the meter to add time or risking astronomical parking fines.

Additionally, PayByPhone includes features such as text-message reminders, remote time extensions and online receipts. These features will allow users to pay and manage their parking without the inconvenience of having to walk back to their car. For visitors to UC Berkeley, this means they can park their car and walk to their event without wasting any time — perfect for game days.

Although the service is not in operation yet, students can already download the app and register for a free account by visiting paybyphone.com on their mobile devices or by searching “paybyphone” in their app store: iOS, Google Play, Amazon or Blackberry. Drivers with other phone types can use another mobile site, m.paybyphone.com, which has the same functionality as the app. Users without a smartphone can register at paybyphone.com/registration and when parking can simply dial 866-234-7275 and follow the voice prompts.

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OCTOBER 07, 2014