Quick and easy ways to clean out your closet

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While stuffing as many clothes as possible into your suitcase seemed like a good idea at the time (aka the night before you had to move in), now that you’re here in Berkeley, having every shirt you own seems kind of unnecessary. When will you ever need to wear your UCLA sweatpants again? And you can’t even wear your red shirts anymore! But seriously, you need more space in your closet. And the easiest way to get more space is to get rid of clothes. So what should you do with them? Here are a few ideas:

1. Donate them to Goodwill

Located at 2058 University Ave., this Goodwill store will take almost all of your clothes and resell them. While you won’t get any money back, you will be able to donate them to a good cause.

2. Sell them to Buffalo Exchange

Down on Telegraph Avenue, you can sell your clothes (that is, if they decide to take them, because there’s no guarantee) for either cash or store credit. But make sure you bring a government ID, because you need to be older than 18!

3. Sell them to Crossroads Trading Company

With two locations on College and Shattuck avenues, this pseudo-consignment store will buy in-season fashion and either pay you your money up front or let you trade for clothes that are already there. They also might not, however, take your clothes, and you also have to be older than 18.

4. Send them to ThredUp

This website is like an online thrift shop. With a subscription, the website will ship you a bag to put your old clothes in. Once you send it back to the offices, the company will evaluate your clothes and give you about 80 percent of the retail value — which can be paid by PayPal or used as credit to buy other items from the website. If they do not accept your clothes, they will donate the clothes themselves.

5. Donate them to San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center

While this one requires a trip into the city with all of your clothes, if you want to donate your new or gently used clothes to veterans, it’s worth it. You can drop them off here, and you’ll be contributing to a great cause.

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