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Fashion Fridays: Dress the Best to Feel the Best

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

While making it through the first full weeks of class can get tough, it’s easy to add an extra kick of energy to your day with the right outfit. From preppy rigs straight out of the Ivy League to more contemporary, punk looks, Berkeley’s fashionable kids understand that one can’t neglect personal style no matter how busy the day gets. These six best-dressed kids of UC Berkeley understand that you’ve got to dress the best to feel the best.

Grimes Girl

Sylara Marie Cruz

Style: “Anything that doesn’t involve pants.”

Small Preppy Guy

Will Coleman

Inspiration: “Growing up in the Northeast. Preppy culture.”

Small Picture 2

Victoria Bolden

Style: “Today it’s ‘flirty,’ I guess.”

Small Cheesy Guy

Vishal Kalyanasundaram

Inspiration: “Two biggest inspirations: Scandinavian style and Americana. I just dressed business ‘caz’ today because it’s laundry day.”

Small Peacoat Guy

Isaiah Dunn

Style: “A daily expression of how I feel. Plus a little bit of fashion research. I look at Nick Wooster a lot.”

Small Cardiguy

Ghassan Makhoul

Style: “I actually have a specific reason for this outfit! Today’s the first day that Liz (beside him) and I are teaching the Kanye Decal. I wanted to wear subdued, soft colors, nothing too flashy. I wanted to feel a little wiser than I am — a little ethos in my outfit.”

Fashion Fridays3

Allison Payne

Inspiration: “I look for patterns and color and get inspiration from Lookbook and Pinterest.”

Jason Chen covers fashion. Contact him at [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014