Tips and tricks to help you get off the waitlist

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If you’re still waitlisted for one of your classes, you might be feeling the pressure. After all, it’s already the third week of school, and the drop deadline for classes is Sept. 26.

If you’re dealing with a waitlist issue, you’re likely either enrolled in too many classes or too few. The consequences of having too many classes is that you’re left with way too many assignments, readings and problem sets to do. But the problem with having too few classes is that you probably really need some extra units. It’s a painful process.

To help make it a little less painful, you might want to try one of the Daily Clog’s tips on how to get off the waitlist:

1. Declare your major

If you’re undeclared, your claim on a class tends to be less significant. If your major requires you to take a particular class in order to graduate, you get priority. At this point, declaring won’t automatically get you into the class, but it can bump you to the front of the waitlist. So instead of hoping that 16 people might suddenly decide they don’t want to take the class, just declare your major.

2. Forget about securing a spot in lecture; it’s all about the section

Your position on the waitlist for your lecture has little bearing on whether you get into a class or not. If you get a spot in a section, however, it doesn’t matter if there are 400 or more people ahead of you on the waitlist — you’re in.

This means you’ll have to sit behind your computer refreshing Tele-BEARS every 30 minutes to see if any section spots open up. If your class allows you to waitlist your section, be sure to check on to see which section has the least amount of students, and don’t be surprised if you find that it’s an 8 a.m. on Mondays.

3. Meet with an adviser and ask if it’s possible to increase the size of the class

Professors have surprisingly little say over their class sizes — but advisers do. If you’re truly passionate about the class you’re waitlisted for, make an appointment with an adviser to make your case for why the class should include more people. You may find yourself speaking to someone who genuinely wants to help you, or you may not. But hey, at least you gave it your best shot.

We hope this helps some of you get off of the waitlist and into those awesome classes. A small tip for next semester: Try enrolling in an extra class as a backup, and attend all classes for the first week or two. This way, if you find you either can’t get off a waitlist or you just really don’t like a class, you have a solid backup plan.

Best of luck!

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