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SEPTEMBER 23, 2014

With summer coming to an end and the fall semester in full swing, it already seems like it’s time to start giving up. But even though it might be getting harder to wake up on time and run to class, fall really isn’t so bad — especially here in Berkeley. Here’s a quick list of things that make fall at UC Berkeley amazing.

1. No more sweat-filled walks in the heat on the way to Etcheverry Hall


Okay, even if it’s not as far as Etcheverry, walking up hills to any building is completely miserable. As summer leaves, so will the heat. You can now arrive to class perspiration-free.

2. That scarf collection can finally shine


Aside from hot chocolate, scarves are basically the best thing invented for cool weather. They’re classy, they keep you warm and they come in a million different patterns. Autumn at UC Berkeley means getting to pull out that scarf collection without hesitation.

3. No one will judge your colossal chai tea latte

Brenna Alexander/File
Brenna Alexander/File

We all know drinking hot beverages from the campus’s Peet’s Coffee & Tea locations can get really addictive really fast. In fall, it’s cold enough for you to get away with having a macchiato, hot chocolate and green tea. Finally, it’s too cold for anyone to judge you for splurging. Besides, you’ve got to spend those meal points somehow, right?

4. The sweet smell of rain

Amanda Burke/file
Amanda Burke/File

Rainfall this year probably won’t be at its peak, but it will still be nice to breathe in the smell of fresh rain in the morning. In the midst of this California drought, any precipitation is welcome. You might even be able to pull on those tacky rubber rain boots just for the occasion.

5. Fall leaves on campus

Mary Zheng/File
Mary Zheng/File

We may not have the biggest trees or a winter wonderland here in Berkeley, but leaves still change to a beautiful autumn red. Leaf-crunching on the way to class needs to be an Olympic sport.

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OCTOBER 07, 2014