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Best lunch deals around campus

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

“Where shall we eat?” is undoubtedly one of UC Berkeley students’ biggest and most feared questions. Choice is evidently a terrible thing, and we at the Clog have decided to compile some of the best lunch deals in Berkeley to ease your decision making.

Gourmet food for a great price

1.  Joshu-ya Brasserie

Haley Talbot/Staff

A sushi and seafood restaurant with hints of European influence, Joshu-ya is definitely one of Southside’s more gourmet options. While a full-course dinner here may cost you $15 or more, their five-item bento lunch special will set you back only $9.

2. Mount Everest

For the spicy-holic, Mount Everest serves up good Indian fare for great value during lunch. While a bowl of curry would usually cost $8.99, lunch deals start at $6.99 with naan, rice, garbanzo beans and a house salad.

 3. Great China

Largely touted as Berkeley’s finest Chinese restaurant, Great China’s dishes often come with a hefty price and long wait. On weekdays from 11:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., however, the wait is often much shorter, and the lunch specials definitely offer more value for the money. Starting at $8.26, lunch specials are served with soup, a spring roll, fruit dessert, rice, a house salad, tea and cookies.

Deals on deals on deals

4. Dot Island Grill

Here, $5 can get you a hearty serving of their weekly specials that change every day!

Tip: Flash your Cal 1 Card for 10 percent off menu items.

5. Biryani House

Another spot for curry fanatics, Biryani House serves up lunches starting at just $6.99 for the vegetable plates. Plus, it comes with free naan or plain rice and a free chai tea!

 6. Sandwich Zone/Cheese N Stuff/Stuffed Inn

Eunice Choi/Staff

Tired of your daily dose of Subway? Sandwich stores are abundant here in Berkeley. Wherever you are on campus, simply head to one of these places for your cheap sandwich fix!

 7. Long Life Vegi House

Only got $5 in your pockets? The price of the vegetarian lunch special is $4.95 plus tax. The seafood lunch special is $5.95 plus tax.

 8. Asian Ghetto

Asian Ghetto is the staple food destination of every UC Berkeley student for a reason – its prices. For $6, you can get many of Thai Basil’s lunch entree choices, and for $6.99 you can get smoked pork rib at Steve’s Korean BBQ.

Special mention

9. Touchdown Mondays

touchdown mondays

The greatest thing about fall is possibly football season, but Touchdown Mondays are definitely a close second. Every Monday after a game, businesses give out a 3 to 5-percent discount for every touchdown scored by the Cal football team. Participating stores include Hummingbird Cafe, Pappy’s, Bleeker Bistro and several others.


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SEPTEMBER 23, 2014