Fashion Fridays: As Chic as the French

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Paris Fashion Week is well underway, but you don’t have to hit the streets of France to find out what’s in vogue. Take a walk through UC Berkeley and you’ll find a wealth of styles that are trendy yet distinctive — the Normcore cool kids, the indie prep, the girl in all-black, and more. If you’re tired of Parisian street style, take a look at these seven well-dressed students straight from our very own campus.

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Masha Andreyeva

Inspiration for the Day: “I was actually sick. I needed my turtleneck.”

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Gabrielle Shuman

Style: “I wear a lot of Converse and big earrings.”

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Zuli Mohammad (left) and Deanna Maraccini (right) 

Zuli’s Inspiration: “I really like Francoise Hardy and Alexa Chung.”

Deanna’s inspiration: “Zuli [Mohammad]. Lorraine Budesa.”

DC: Do you guys coordinate your outfits?

Deanna: “Nope, we’re just doing Normcore.”

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Dave Euisung Shin

Style: “I just need to look good for the info session.”

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Danielle Song

Inspiration of the day: “Today I had a gospel choir performance, so we had to wear all black anyway. So I said, ‘Why not go all out!'”

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Maryanne Liu

Inspiration: “My friend Maryanne. We both own these pants and these shoes.”


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Ben Sher

Style Inspiration: “Urban Preppy? Inspirations: Ezra Koenig and Dave I from Chromeo.”

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