Habits of highly productive students: Get things done while walking

Randy Adam Romero/File

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“How was your day?”

“I understood everything in my philosophy lecture, I am caught up on all of my readings and I am so excited for my Chemistry 1A midterm this week,” said no UC Berkeley student ever.

As all of the freshmen begin to transition out of the lanyard-around-the-neck stage and the rest of us return to the grind, we at the Clog begin to ponder how our time could be used most effectively. We found that the most underappreciated and under-rated part of our day is all that time we spend walking. Therefore, we at the Clog would like to offer you 10 things that you can do to cross things off on your checklist as you sojourn.

1. Exercise

Maybe you should try a new shortcut, which always ends up being the longest and most uphill route. It will allow you to work on your glutes and thighs. Maybe you’ll find a new study spot right in time for midterms. Make sure you apply enough deodorant in the morning, though, because you might sweat a little more than expected.

2. Check and respond to your emails

Everybody loves when the little red bubble notification — you know what we mean — goes away. Responding to emails can steal away your precious study time, however, especially throughout midterms. Still, please look up once in awhile. People do not like to be stepped on.

3. Respond to your text messages

We know that you would rather watch Netflix when you get home … maybe catch up on some “House of Cards” and “One Tree Hill” or start rewatching “Grey’s Anatomy” and recall back to when Derek and Meredith met. Take some time to text one or more of your parental units while trekking from Evans Hall to Dwinelle Hall. Be careful: Texting and walking is extremely dangerous.

4. Make plans for tonight

With class all day and studying in between, by the time we get home, all we want to do is sleep. Remember, being social is pretty important too! Text that friend that you have always been meaning to hang out with and attempt to make plans. Spending time with friends is always fun and a great stress reliever during midterms.

5. Stop somewhere to do something nice for someone

Give a cereal bar to the homeless man on the corner, drop a couple of bucks next to the woman sleeping in the bushes or pick up a box of popcorn and chocolates for your roommates. Now, the universe will have to forgive you for whatever you did wrong this weekend.

6. Listen to podcasts

Need help understanding your (insert lecture name here)? Try listening to podcasts on the same subject! Podcasts can be downloaded from places such as iTunesU or Khan Academy. For other things you can download to listen to on your phone that are both interdisciplinary and educational, check out BBC, Nasa Science Casts, TED Talks, NPR, A History of the World in 100 Objects, Goodle Educast, EdTechTalk, Ropecast, the History Chicks, Math Mutation, Astronomy Cast, Day in Tech History or the Classical Poetry Aloud Index.

7. Update your Snapchat story

We at the Clog can’t get enough of Berkeley’s beauty. From the charm of the North Reading Room to the calming silence of Main Stacks, there is nothing that looks better on our story than a four-second snap of the Campanile or the sun shining down onto Memorial Glade or the view from the Big C.

8. Watch people

It is surprising if you don’t find someone who is defying social norms in Berkeley. Whether it is a protest, Yoshua, or the man on Sproul who fishes with a donut hole on the end of his rod, there is always something to remind your friends home and at other universities that you are somewhere truly one of a kind.

9. Inform yourself

If you are passing by Moffitt Library, check out the enlarged front pages of newspapers from all around the world. Also, almost every news service, from CNN to MSNBC to Fox, has different free apps that will send you push notifications with the latest news reports and updates. We at the Clog think it’s great to be informed.

10. Check out a new club or organization on Sproul Plaza

If you’re in a rush, grab a flyer. If you’re not, stay and chat. We at the Clog would say that you can be at UC Berkeley for 100 years and still not accomplish or study everything that you want to. You are only here for four years, so use them wisely. You never know about the things that you do not try or look into. Maybe you will discover a club that was made for you that you didn’t know even existed.

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