The mystery of the man bun

Anya Schultz/Senior Staff

They come in all varieties: curly, straight, half-up, half-down. They’re at the gym, outside Dwinelle, in cafes on Northside. The concept is simple: a hair tie, a steady grasp and a simple flourish of the hand. But the result is so much more. The man bun — i.e. bun worn by a man — has arrived at UC Berkeley. The Weekender had to know more about these mysterious, well-coiffed men. Here are our findings.

Ross Barnowski, graduate student

How long have you worn your hair in a bun?

Since I moved to Berkeley.

Where are you from?

Chicago. There are a lot more man buns here than in Chicago.

Lorenzo Francoise, junior

Why do you wear your hair in a bun?

I wear it up because it’s annoying to have it long. I grow it out to donate it. I’ll do the ponytail when I get home, but in public I wear a bun. Always.

Remy Orans, senior

So, what do you have against ponytails?

“I don’t know, I just don’t think they look good.”

Does it ever get in the way of things?

“Leaning against the wall behind my bed. That’s probably the big one.”

Watson Ix, graduate student

Why is your hair in a bun?

It seems really tight and clean looking. It’s also functional. When it’s in a bun it doesn’t flop around or fly in my face.

How long is your hair?

I’m almost hitting nipple length.

Ryan Damron, graduate student

Why do you wear your hair in a bun?

I just want my hair to be a nonthought. And my hair looks funny shaved close.

Josh Medoff, senior

When do you wear your hair in a bun?

I wear it in a bun when I get out of the shower so I can dry it the way I want it. Occasionally, I take it down and let it flow.

Does your bun ever get in the way of anything?

Sometimes when I’m sleeping or leaning against a wall, it bothers me. But usually I can find a good spot for it.