Rooms of Berkeley

Elizabeth Kurata/Staff

Throughout our time in Berkeley, we will more than likely inhabit three different rooms. The transient space is ours and for just a short time, however, becomes our home. The old homecoming photos and posters can serve as the only place of consistency and familiarity in the whirl of new faces and experiences. Our rooms seem to be a slight extension of our psyche as we stake claim to it, decorate it and perform our most intimate and vulnerable acts in it — see: sleeping. This project is an opportunity to glimpse into the various bedrooms of some students of UC Berkeley to see the diversity, the personality and intimacy within them. And maybe learn a decorating tip or two.


Mikaela Raphael, San Luis Obispo, California

Major: Conservation resource studies, wildlife biology

Current Location: Cloyne Court

Home is: When there’s dirt in my bed.

Catherine Van Dyke, Pasadena, California

Major: Political economy

Home is: Where there is an endless supply of Butterfingers.

Aly Boyce, Abaco, the Bahamas

Major: Political science and society and environment

Home is: Comfy pillows.

Alastair Boone, San Francisco, California

Major: English, minor in peace and conflict studies

Home is: The place that continually accepts the changes that occur in you when you leave it.

Jack Purvis, Pasadena, California

Major: Cognitive neuroscience

Home is: Where you sleep easiest.

Brian Pugh, Westlake Village, California

Major: Electrical engineering and computer sciences

Home is: A good bomb handjam.

Ryan Hinkley, Orange County, California

Major: Political science

Current Location: KA

Home is: “Home is where you make it.” — Joe Dirt

John Lawson, West Marin, California

Major: English

Home is: Four kids live in big grown-up house.

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