Weekender Picks

I personally can’t remember life before Radiolab, an inspiring podcast that poses questions, answers questions and makes life a little more curious and a lot more interesting. Listen to the most recent episode, Juicervose, or my personal favorite, Poop Train. And while you gaze off with a new view on the planet, look at Damon Winter’s stunning photographs of women at West Point from the New York Times.

— Anya Schultz


Sigma Phi Society (the pretty semi-frat house adjacent to IHouse) is hosting a live band night Friday. Local groups Mom Jeans and Art Nikels will be playing, among others, and the house will have two stages running well into the early morning. $5 cover before 10:30 pm, after which they’ll up the price.

— Libby Rainey


Read this delightful New York Times piece on former Georgia’s (country, not state) former President Mikheil Saakashvili who now lives in Brooklyn.

Since leaving office last November, this George W. Bush favorite — whose confrontation with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia led to a disastrous war in 2008 — has commandeered his uncle’s apartment in a tower on the Williamsburg waterfront, where he luxuriates in the neighborhood’s time-honored tradition of mysteriously sourced wealth. When not lingering in cafes, riding his bike across the bridge or spending stag evenings with friends on the Wythe Hotel rooftop, Mr. Saakashvili seizes on the Ukrainian conflict and his experience with Mr. Putin’s wrath as a lifeline back to political relevance.

-Curan Mehra



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