Snack box company Graze delivers directly to your mailbox

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We are willing to do it anywhere, anytime. We do it in bed, between classes and even secretly in the libraries. That’s right — we’re obsessed with snacking.

As delicious and enjoyable as it is, snacking isn’t exactly kind to our wallets or health. How does one make a healthy decision when standing in front of a whole aisle of unhealthy snacks? How do we resist reaching for another chip?

Meet Graze, a home-delivery snack box company founded by friends “sick of chips and candy.” Each graze box is a surprise of four individually packaged snacks. Graze prides itself on its selection of more than 90 preportioned, nutritious snacks. The best part? Graze boxes are designed to fit into most standard mailboxes, meaning there’s no need to sign for delivery. But does this European company really deliver?

The website is easy to navigate, with a dietary-preference tab to help curate each individual’s box. The snacks are divided into categories such as pure fruit, whole nuts, super seeds and so forth. Users can opt to “trash,” “try”, “like” or “love” each snack.

Our first box came with black-pepper pistachios, salsa corn chips, key lime pie and a Garden of England. The first thing we noted was the balance between sweet and savory. While the first two were spot-on with taste and nutrition, the key lime pie was a tad bit too sweet for our taste buds and perhaps too decadent for our waistline. The Garden of England mainly consisted of dried mini strawberries, blackcurrant and soft apple pieces. The apple pieces were the blandest of the collection, but all in all, its tanginess was the perfect complement to a savory meal.

Despite a few mediocre snacks, there were enough hits in the box for us to further explore Graze’s snacking options. Besides, we would gladly support anyone striving to reinvent snacking as a healthy habit.

Your first box comes at no cost, and after that you can set up a biweekly subscription. Graze boxes are $6.49 each with free delivery.

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