How to be hipster at UC Berkeley

Why do hipsters love Strawberry Creek?

Because it’s not a main stream.

Jokes aside, being a hipster is more than just being “in the know.” Being a hipster is a lifestyle — a constant effort to be new and unconventional. Being unorthodox, however, can be difficult at a college as quirky as UC Berkeley. We are, after all, situated right by Telegraph Avenue, arguably the home of America’s most interesting characters. We at the Clog understand the need for individualism and have come up with some ways you can be a Berkeley hipster!

1. Own a PC.



Fact 1: Most MacBook users identify as hipsters.

Fact 2: Most Berkeley students use MacBooks.

Hence, to truly stand out from the masses, pledge loyalty to anything else. You could be that one person in Wheeler Auditorium without the Apple symbol shining on your laptop. That will turn heads for sure.

Go the extra mile: Just don’t use any Apple products.

2. Wear uncomfortable shoes.



Toms? Sperry’s? Converse? Not for the UC Berkeley hipster! Exercise your freedom to choose. Berkeley’s hilly landscape is nothing  for your dress shoes and stilettos. Just think of Upper Sproul as your runway and of all the flyerers as your adoring fans just wanting a piece of you.

Go the extra mile: Wear clogs.

3. Walk through Upper Sproul on purpose.

Flyering in Sproul

Lizzy Klingen/File

Speaking of which, UC Berkeley hipsters love walking down Upper Sproul. From saving animals to getting involved in business, these social rebels are interested in it all!

4. Live without caffeine or energy drinks.


Brenna Alexander/File

One skinny vanilla latte with no foam to-go? Not for the UC Berkeley hipster, who was too smart to burn his or her tongue drinking coffee before it was cool. In order to stay awake for classes, hipsters here practice the ancient art of … sleeping.

5. Or boba

5. Sheng Kee Bakery

Jessica Rogness/File

This one is guaranteed to garner you gasps of shock throughout the Bay. We live in a world in which drinking boba is a lifestyle. But who needs balls of tapioca when you can save a couple of bucks every day?

6. Sign up for 8 a.m. classes on purpose.


Katherine Chen/File


As mentioned above, sleeping in is too mainstream. Wake up at 7 a.m., ready to absorb new information every day! This also means the UC Berkeley hipster never has Tele-BEARS woes.

7. Carry cash.



Hipsters are too cool for convenience. Plus, they never have to deal with the #struggle of going to restaurants with a minimum purchase for card transactions. Thai Basil, brace yourself!

8. Delete your Instagram account.



Documenting lunch and squirrel encounters? Flaunting the glory of the Campanile or the sunset by Sather Gate? Too conformist for a UC Berkeley hipster! #nofilterlife

Go the extra mile: Don’t take pictures — period.

9. Admit to being a hipster!


Most latte-drinking, Urban-Outfitters-clad students would deny being a hipster. How to be different? Admit it!

We at the Clog wish you all the best in your quest to be a UC Berkeley hipster.

Image Sources: Jack Newton , RaysonhoStevelefrancais, Edward Bettsdana robinsonussavia, under Creative Commons

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